Pose: why is this one of the most important series of recent years?  - News Series on TV

Pose: why is this one of the most important series of recent years? – News Series on TV

The third and final season of “Pose” is drawing to a close. After 25 episodes, the series on the world of ball culture leaves behind a real imprint on the American television landscape, the first sign of a revolution.

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Pose, it’s over. The seventh episode of season 3, available from this Monday, June 7, 2021 on CANAL +, signs the last spark of a project that has written a new page in the history of series. Critically acclaimed and acclaimed by the public, this engaged pop drama celebrates a community long invisible on screen. During its three years on the air, the program sheds light on a world and stories little known to the general public. Above all, it reveals a handful of talents, who have now become stars in an industry that has never given them any gifts.

June 2018. The American channel FX broadcasts the first episode. Imagined by screenwriter Steven Canals and carried by the very influential Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the project is inspired by the cult documentary by Jennie Livingston, Paris Is Burning, released in 1991. Set in the poor neighborhoods of New York, the series plunges into the world of ballrooms, a subculture created by the African-American LGBT community in the 1970s. In basements and sheds rented for the occasion, hundreds of people gather on the track to compete in competitions combining dance, playback and themed costumes.

A historic casting

From its beginnings, Pose made the headlines. The reason ? The series brings together the largest cast of transgender talent on screen, a television first. Five of the main characters are played by transgender women, and the production employs a total of no less than 140 queer people, in front of and behind the camera. For many, this is just a matter of numbers or quotas. However, the program allows, as is seldom the case, to create a platform to shine the long forgotten voices and destinies.

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(L to R) Ryan Jamaal Swain, Mj Rodriguez and Indya Moore in season 2 of “Pose”.

The majority of the episodes of the series are written by screenwriters concerned with transidentity, like Janet Mock and Our Lady J. Together, they take back control of a story that, in Hollywood, has often passed into other hands – and not always the most benevolent. Drawing on their own experiences, they compose stories of raw and genuine emotion, delving into difficult subjects, such as the relentless struggle of people with HIV, the world of sex workers and the loneliness of those marginalized by society. Nevertheless, they never forget to offer impulses of life to their characters, through inspiring speeches, where the strength, courage and love of a chosen family take precedence over rejection.

First considered as a niche series, Pose has succeeded in establishing itself in a traditional media space, alongside, in particular, more mainstream success. This is the case during award ceremonies. Nominated for the Golden Globes and the Emmy Awards in the category best drama series, the program receives honors thanks to the performance of Billy Porter. In 2019, he won the Emmy Award for best actor and at the same time became the first openly homosexual man to win the prize.

In the light

I started in this industry in the eighties. I was 50 the day before my victory, he stressed during a press conference at which AlloCine was able to attend in April 2021. I spent the first 25 years of my career trying to fit into a very masculine mold imposed by this company so that I could find work. Pose, and more particularly my character from Pray Tell, taught me to dream of the impossible. “This popularity propelled by the success of the series, the interpreter uses it above all to broadcast important messages. On May 19, 2021, he chooses Featured of the magazine The Hollywood Reporter to reveal her HIV status, diagnosed 14 years earlier. A courageous act and still rare in the industry.

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Billy Porter as the flamboyant Pray Tell.

Her play partners are also in the spotlight, including Indya Moore who in 2019 becomes the first transgender person to make the cover of the magazine. It. On August 11, she will be appearing in Escape Game 2, a thriller produced by a big studio, a new important step for the actress. Mj Rodriguez, meanwhile, will play opposite Maya Rudolph in a comedy series for Apple TV +. As for Billy Porter, he will lend his features to a fairy like no other in a modernized version of Cinderella with Camila Cabello. At the same time, he is also preparing his first feature film, entitled What if.

The uncertainty of the future

“Pose is one of the things I’m most proud of in my life“writes Ryan Murphy on his Instagram account June 6, 2021. The unexpected trajectory of the series gives hope for the creation of other similar works in the future. If the stars of the program are preparing great projects, the game is far from won. Now that Pose is coming to an end, the hardest part is to continue to exist, to land other roles, to keep your place.

During the season 3 premiere, which was held on April 29, 2021 in New York City, writer and director Janet Mock took advantage of the event to send a message: “Fuck Hollywood“In her fiery speech, she spoke out against the inequality and lack of consideration that transgender people face.”Why am I making $ 40,000 per episode?“, she was carried away. The success of the series leaves one to dream for the continuation, but will there really exist an after-Pose for the heroes of the program? Only the future will tell.

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