Portuguese search for Madeleine McCann evidence in wells

Portuguese search for Madeleine McCann evidence in wells

A source confirmed to CNN last Thursday of the searches are related weakness, the disappearance of McCann, but the source did not know the extent or found new information.

The Judicial latest Portuguese (PJ), officers from the National Guard (GNR) and at least one of the fire department diver involved are witnesses in the village of Budens, Praia da Luz told CNN.

As he was a 3-year-old McCann and gone missing with her family in Praia da vacationing in the in the 2007 was called Luz at the first. Prosecutors in Germany have recently said that they have no link to the man in the case is that the first major movement in the long run, if it is more prominent after years of little progress.

German prosecutors say they have new in the Madeleine McCann case, but not enough

They recite the car about 15 minutes from Praia da Luz on the road, which leads to a semi-secluded beach, popular among foreigners, especially among those who are traveling in camper vans.

Dwelt in the country of Portugal, this remains subject to feel suspicious, McCann in the Algarve from the 1995 to the 2007, and he lived in the house in Praia de Luz, was there in the prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig by Germanicus.

Prosecutors said last month that he who have been jailed in Germany for the crime to kill McCann and convince itself is not enough.

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