Pop Culture Halloween Decoration Ideas to Try This Year

Whether you are a horror fan or not, you certainly have a favorite pick from the genre be it a TV show or a movie. Pop culture has many offerings to get you ready for the spooky season as fall approaches. Moreover, your favorite movies and shows and other genres in pop culture can also give you inspiration for Halloween decoration ideas.

For instance, you can create Byers’ living room with alphabets and Christmas lights on the wall or step into the charms of Halloween Town. Those who know, know. Whether you enjoy the witchy humor of a classic like Hocus Pocus or looking to inspire some serious horror of a Hall-of-Famer like The Shininghere are 10 amazing ideas for Halloween decorations that are inspired by famous movies and TV shows.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things has risen through the ranks of the horror genre exceptionally fast and has become one of the best horror shows ever. The troubles of the little quaint town of Hawkins and the rag-tag team of teenagers trying to save it from monsters from the Upside Down offer plenty of spooky fodder for your Halloween decoration. Here are a few pop culture-inspired Halloween decoration ideas for you to try out.

Image: Twitter @StrangerNews11
Image: Twitter @StrangerNews11
Upside Down Stranger Things-Inspired Halloween Decor
Image: Twitter @StrangerNews11
Image: Lay Baby Lay
Byers' Living Room Stranger Things-Inspired Halloween Decor
Image: Brett Bulthuis
Image: Imgur user- danocchipinti

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a fun watch with the Sanderson sisters resurrected after the cursed Candle of Black Flame is lighted by a mischievous kid. The sisters plan to exact revenge on the town of Salem that executed them after the town discovers they are witches. The movie provides many aspects of Halloween decorations for you to include in your home. You can either purchase or DIY them.

Hocus Pocus-Inspired Halloween Decorations
Image: Etsy
Hocus Pocus Garland
Image: Amazon
Hocus Pocus Door Decoration for Halloween
Image: Amazon

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic Halloween watch. This fun-filled movie follows Jack Skellington of Halloween Town, who wishes to overtake Santa’s job for Christmas after he becomes enchanted by the merry holiday. The movie has several settings and characters that can become a part of your holiday decorations.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Garden Display
Image: Crazy 8’s Creative Yard Displays
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Image: Make Life Lovely


Coco is a colorful, full of joy, and charming Pixar film, which means you will not find something spooky in it. However, as the concept of the movie is inspired by the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead and the story follows a boy who stumbles into the Land of the Dead, you will find so many vibrant themes to decorate your homes during the holiday.

Coco themed Halloween decorations
Image: Parks and Cons
Coco - Day of the Dead Decorations
Image: Parties With a Cause

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most watched shows of the 21st century. While filled with mind games and wars, the show had one aspect that sends chills down everyone’s spine. North of the Wall is a place you wouldn’t want yourself to be under any circumstance. However, the place can offer some amazing Halloween décor ideas for you to try this year, be it dragons or white walkers.

Game of Thrones Themed Halloween Decor - Dragon
Image: Home Depot/Home Accents Holiday
Image: Instructables @Gothscifigirl


Beetlejuice is a fun-filled movie that observes a deceased couple who wants to scare away the new inhabitants of their house. When their efforts are all in vain, they seek the help of a bio-exorcist known as Beetlejuice. You can draw inspiration from the gory props and settings of the movie to decorate your house. Set up your yard in full swing or place a themed doormat.

Beetlejuice Inspired Halloween Decoration
Image: Facebook @Courtney Hammond
Beetlejuice Inspired Halloween Mat
Image: Etsy

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The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books and movies are simply among the best of all time. The hardships and battles mentioned in these tales from Middle Earth have plenty of scary stuff for you to deck up your halls in Halloween spirit. You can carve characters on pumpkins or write the Tolkien script to commemorate the epic tales during the holiday.

Lord of the Rings themed firepit for Halloween
Image: Imagine Metal Art
Sauron Pumpkin Carving for Halloween
Image: Instructables @DoggieDoc83

The Shining

Stephen King’s The Shining is one of his best works, and when the movie adaptation of the book came out it blew people’s minds. The creepiness seeped into every step of the way and there are many subtle ideas that can be included in your Halloween decorations. Get a ‘Redrum’ decal and paste it on the mirror or carve the peeking face of Jack Torrance. “Here’s Johnny.” Literally, chills.

Jack Torrance pumpkin carving for Halloween
Image: PumpkinFreak
Redrum Bathroom Halloween Decor
Image: Crafty Little Gnome


Another gem from Stephen King’s pen, It is among one of the best horror movies. Pennywise the clown is one scary being and using him in your holiday decoration is a surefire way to evoke the spooky spirit.

Pennywise Pumpkin Carving
Image: PumpkinFreak
Pennywise themed Halloween decoration
Image: Pinterest

Walking Dead

Walking Dead is yet another amazing show that can help you create the perfect decor vibe for Halloween. Undead zombies are the perfect choice for the Day of the Dead, incorporate some around the premises for the perfect setting.

Walking Dead Zombies Decorations
Image: Scott Ash/Now News Group

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