Poly with François Cluzet: do you know the series from which the film is taken?

Poly with françois cluzet: do you know the series from which the film is taken?

In theaters since Wednesday, October 21, Poly tells the story of a beautiful friendship between a girl and a pony. Did you know that this family film was adapted from a series of the 60s?

Poly, the new film by Nicolas Vanier, tells the story of 10-year-old Cécile, a girl who moves to the south of France with her mother, Louise. Integration with the other children of the village is not easy. When a passing circus sets up next door, Cécile discovers that Poly the star pony is being mistreated.

She decides to protect him and organize his escape! Pursued by Brancalou, the disturbing director of the circus, and the mysterious Victor, Cécile and Poly embark on a run full of twists and turns, a real initiatory journey and an incredible story of friendship.

After the great success of Belle et Sébastien and its 3 million admissions, Nicolas Vanier rediscovers the world of novelist, screenwriter and director Cécile Aubry. Indeed, Poly is taken from a 13-episode soap opera broadcast from December 1961 on television, Les aventures de Poly. All episodes are written and directed by Cécile Aubry. The artist then turned his scripts into children’s novels. Note that little Pascal, Poly’s friend, is played by Mehdi El Glaoui, hero of the future Belle et Sébastien series. The latter will also make an appearance in the adaptation of Nicolas Vanier in 2013.


For Poly, the director decided to keep the main lines of the series but to make a major change despite everything. In the series, the hero is therefore a little boy named Pascal. The filmmaker preferred to stage a girl called Cécile. Vanier wanted to pay tribute to the original designer by giving her first name to her young heroine, played by Elisa de Lambert.

Moreover, after having told stories with boys in Belle et Sébastien, L’Ecole buissonnière or Donne-moi des wings, the director wanted to explore something else. According to him, little girls have a special relationship with ponies and horses; so it made more sense to make this change.


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