Polisse, Mon Roi, Le Bal des actrices … What are your favorite Maïwenn films?

What is the ranking of your Maïwenn feature films according to AlloCiné ratings? Until his new film “DNA” can return to theaters, here is your verdict!

Polisse Mon Roi Le Bal des actrices What are your

While Maiwenn had just released DNA, his 5th feature film, cinemas were forced to close their doors, due to the new confinement started this Friday, October 30. While waiting to be able to (re) see this film in theaters, focus on Maïwenn’s previous feature films, classified according to your audience ratings.

1. Polish (2011)

4.1 / 5 (with 25,866 ratings)

Critical and public success, Polisse logically arrives at the top of the audience ratings, with the rating of 4.1. Noticed in Cannes, nominated many times for the César, Polisse was one of the shock films of the year it was released in 2011. The film follows the daily life of the police officers of the BPM (Brigade de Protection des Mineurs), in front of by example carrying out police custody of pedophiles, taking care of the arrests of minor pickpockets … How do these police officers manage to find the balance between their private lives and the reality with which they are confronted, every day? A film which certainly cannot leave indifferent, by the force of its purpose, what it gives to see of this daily life, and of the actors all very fair.

2. My King (2015)

4/5 (with 5,285 ratings)

Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot) is admitted to a rehabilitation center after a serious fall from skiing. Dependent on medical staff and painkillers, she takes the time to remember the tumultuous story she lived with Georgio (Vincent Cassel). Why did they love each other? Who really is the man she adored? How could she submit to this stifling and destructive passion? For Tony it’s a difficult reconstruction that begins now, a physical work that will perhaps allow him to free himself definitively …

Carried by a couple of magnetic actors, at the height of their talent, moving, funny and heartbreaking, all at the same time, Mon Roi is a film which takes you completely, or conversely can leave completely indifferent. With a nice rating of 4/5, making it your 2nd favorite Maïwenn film to date, Mon Roi conquered you!

3. The actresses’ ball (2009)

3.2 / 5 (with 2,434 ratings)

After Pardonner-moi (see below), Maïwenn finds the device of her first feature film, namely that of blurring the lines, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. In Le Bal des actrices, Maïwenn stages herself in the role of an actress-director making a documentary, and meeting actresses known to all, such as Karin Viard, Romane Bohringer or Jeanne Balibar.

The guiding idea of ​​the doc at the heart of the film is to highlight all the actresses, the popular, the unknowns, the intellectuals, the comedians, the forgotten … Filming everything, everything, everything, with or without their agreement, the director will get caught up in the game and let herself be devoured by these women as fragile as they are manipulative … A film both funny and joyful, sometimes dramatic and strong in emotions, and which shows the profession of actress with an acuity and a rare madness.

4. Forgive me (2006)

3.1 / 5 (with 882 ratings)

Known until then as an actress, Maïwenn sign Excuse me, his first feature film, both in the script and in the production. Like a mise en abyme, she is also an actress, camera in hand. Forgive me follows Violette, a future mother, who wants to make a film about her family for her first child. Equipped with her camera, she will reveal the family secrets by facing in turn her mother, her sisters, a journalist whom her mother knew twenty years before, and finally her father … On the program, laughter, cries , tears. A roller coaster of emotion, immediately imposing a Maïwenn style.

The DNA trailer, released on October 28, just before theaters closed: