Pokemon Go Adapting To Include Indoor Play

Pokemon Go Adapting To Include Indoor Play

Pokemon Go app has prided itself on how people can go outside and find Pokemon to capture and compete within many physical locations. But as the coronavirus pandemic continues to close off many places and prompts people to stay indoors, the app is being focused to adjust to changing times.

Niantic is changing a few things in Pokemon Go to work alongside ongoing travel and roaming restrictions around the world. These include points on the Raid Battles and Adventure Sync features. These are two of the more prominent social points on Pokemon Go, although they would have to change to reflect today’s current climate.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Raid Battles Indoors

Niantic will soon update the app to where people can compete in Raid Battles with others in local areas. People can use virtual social features in the app to where they can compete in Raid Battles with others even if they are unable to access certain areas.

The change is noteworthy, as people usually compete in Raid Battles in person. But with the new virtual social functionality in a future update, it will be easier for people to compete in these battles from their homes. The design will also allow people to focus on people who are in their local areas.

Adventure Sync Adjustments

The Adventure Sync feature is also going to be updated. Niantic will upgrade the setup to where it can track indoor activities well. People can track their indoor steps in the Adventure Sync feature. The design works better for indoor movements and events. More importantly, the activities one puts in will count towards achievements in the game.

The new update could work well for things like completing chores around the house or running on a treadmill to stay fit.

Other Changes

These two updates to Pokemon Go come alongside many other updates that Niantic has been focusing on during the pandemic. Many of the changes to the app will make the game easier to play while not walking or traveling. For instance, the ½ Hatch Distance feature means that eggs can hatch a little sooner while in incubators. PokeStops will also drop off gifts more often.

Pokemon habitats will also be more prominent in various areas. More Pokemon would appear in the wild, thus making it to where people don’t have to travel as much to find the Pokemon that they wish to catch.

Pokemon game

All the efforts that are going into the Pokemon game ensure that people can continue to play the game without having to travel as much. With many restrictions over how people can go around places during the coronavirus pandemic, it is critical for people to observe the proper guidelines for living. Niantic is ensuring that these rules are met accordingly, and it is adjusting its Pokemon Go app to protect people.

Niantic is also adjusting its Ingress Portals and Harry Potter Wizards Unite apps to ensure they are safer to play during the pandemic. People looking for details can find them through the official Niantic blog at nianticlabs.com.

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