Podcast: Why do we miss movie theaters so much? – Cinema Podcast

According to a study which has just been released, 63% of French people miss going to the cinema. Why is the dark room experience so strong and unique? We felt like devoting an entire podcast to our love for the movie theater.


Soon 6 months that the cinemas are closed in France. We recorded this podcast on Wednesday April 14, 2021, the 24th Wednesday with no new releases in theaters. 24 like those 24 images per second that usually make us vibrate so much together in dark rooms …

Like 63% of French people, we miss going to the cinema. We wanted to do a special to tell you about our love for the movie theater. Together, we’re going to talk about everything that makes the movie theater experience so unique.

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> The program is prepared and presented by Brigitte Baronnet, with Laetita Ratane, Mégane Choquet, Clément Cuyer and Thomas Desroches. Editing: Brigitte Baronnet. Mixing and dressing: Louis Barreau.

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