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From pioneer Alice Guy to Chloé Zhao, awarded last Sunday at the Golden Globes, what place for women in the history of cinema? Our podcast offers you a round table discussion on this subject on the occasion of Women’s Rights Day.

On the night of February 28 to March 1, 2021, the name of a filmmaker made history: that of Chloe Zhao, director of Nomadland, awarded at the Golden Globes, with this favorite film of the awards season this year, which chain the rewards.

A historic moment in more than one way: she is the second female director, only, to win the statuette of best director, 37 years after Barbra Streisand and her film Yentl at the Golden Globes, and she is the first Asian director to win this award. .

In 2021, more than 120 years since the creation of the cinema, women are increasingly rare to be highlighted and rewarded. The names of some, like Alice Guy, took a long time to be known and then rehabilitated. Their films can also be more complex, rarer to find, like those of Chantal Akerman, recently put forward temporarily by the streaming platform La Cinetek …
Why have the paths of these women tended to disappear from our history books, or even to be erased?

This week, our Spotlight podcast wanted to focus on the place of women in the history of cinema. For this round table, we are teaming up with another podcast, the aim of which is precisely to rehabilitate these routes, Silence! They turn, created by Esther Brejon. The show is co-presented and prepared with Esther Brejon, journalist and podcaster.

Three guests to talk about this subject:

  • Jackie Buet (@LascauxUn), director of the Créteil Women’s Film Festival, created in 1979. The 43rd edition will be held online from April 2 to 11, 2021
  • Véronique Le Bris (@Cine_woman), journalist, author of the book “100 great films by female directors”, which has just been published by Arte Edition, and founder of the Alice Guy prize
  • Fabienne Silvestre, co-founder of the Women of Cinema Lab and co-founder of the Arcs Film Festival, creator of the Women of Cinema award

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For further…

Find the Silence podcast! They turn, created by Esther Brejon, journalist for Revus & Corrigés. The last episode released is dedicated to Nelly Kaplan.

Some ideas for books:

  • 100 great films by female directors, Véronique Le Bris, Arte Editions – Gründ (2021)
  • 50 women of cinema, Véronique Le Bris, Marest Editeur (2018)
  • Films by women, six generations of directors, Jackie Buet, Editions Alternatives (1999) / Let us specify that volume 2 covering the following 20 years should be published in the fall
  • The feminine gaze, a revolution on the screen, Iris Brey, Editions de l’Olivier, Les Feux (2020)
  • Under our eyes, a small manifesto for a revolution in the gaze, by Iris Brey and Mirion Malle, published by La Ville Brûle (release: April 2, 2021)

Some ideas for documentaries:

Some festivals:

  • The 43rd edition of the Créteil Women’s Film Festival will be held online from April 2 to 11, 2021, and will pay tribute in particular to the too little-known Nicole Stéphane, actress, producer of Marguerite Duras’ first film and director (she notably filmed Susan Sontag).

Practical information and programming: https://filmsdefemmes.com

  • The Plural Film Festival will take place from April 10 to 18 at the Cinéma Le Majestic Compiegne (subject to sanitary conditions), created by Laurence Meunier and Quentin Delcourt (director of the documentary Pygmalionnes) with a selection of films in official competition, round tables , as well as premieres of international films highlighting women and inclusion.

> The show is prepared and presented by Brigitte Baronnet (@BBaronnet) and Esther Brejon (@EstherBrej). Editing: Brigitte Baronnet. Mixing and dressing: Louis Barreau.

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