PODCAST – Series Mania 2021 Day 8: the thriller Rebecca with Anne Marivin, the teen drama Kamikaze and David Hourrègue’s vision of Germinal

Every day, the AlloCiné team brings you the Séries Mania festival. On the program for the 8th day: the thriller Rebecca with Anne Marivin, the teen drama Kamikaze, the comedy Pørni and our guest David Hourrègue, director of Germinal.

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During the Séries Mania Festival, the city of Lille becomes the playground for series fans in search of new productions to discover. From August 26 to September 2, 2021, our passionate experts bring you this international festival dedicated to television series from around the world.

Today, the Spotlight team debriefs the series Rebecca, a dark thriller carried by Anne Marivin and freely adapted from Marcella in French Competition, and the radical series Kamikaze, a radical and moving Danish teen drama about the descent into hell of a teenager.

Finally, we unearthed a last nugget from Panorama International: the Norwegian drama Pørni, about an endearing social worker who juggles grief, mental burden and her family like no other.

Our guest of the day: David Hourrègue, director of Germinal, the French historical event series adapted from Zola’s work, available on SALTO.

Journalists: Mégane Choquet / Jérémie Dunand / Julia Fernandez / Lucie Reeb

Director: Ando Raminoson / Constance Mathews

Rebecca (French competition)

Podcast - series mania 2021 day 8: the thriller rebecca with anne marivin, the teen drama kamikaze and david hourrègue's vision of germinal

TF1 / Elephant Story

Adaptation of the British series Marcella with Anna Friel, Rebecca tells the story of a cop who, six years after giving up the hunt for a serial killer and leaving the police, returns to duty to escape the depression that eats away at her and keeps her away from her husband. But also to elucidate a series of murders which could well be the work of the serial killer that she failed to stop six years ago.

When one of the victims turns out to be her husband’s mistress, Rebecca finds herself directly involved. Why is she the only one who knows where the body was? And why is she accumulating black-outs? Has the killer decided to play with her? Or could Rebecca be the murderer she relentlessly hunts down?

With this effective pitch, Didier Le Pêcheur and Delphine Labouret, the writers, weave a panting and darker story than what we are used to seeing on TF1. Anne Marivin is excellent in the role of this complex and tortured heroine, while Benjamin Biolay, Baptiste Lecaplain, excellent in computer engineering, Clotilde Courau, Samir Guesmi, or Patrick Timsit in a role against the job complete this high-level cast .

Jeremiah Dunand

Kamikaze (International Competition)

Podcast - series mania 2021 day 8: the thriller rebecca with anne marivin, the teen drama kamikaze and david hourrègue's vision of germinal


On her 18th birthday, Julie, a pampered teenager and fashion influencer, receives an SMS from her father. Seconds later, her parents and older brother are killed in a plane crash. Left to herself in their huge mansion, she is unable to mourn in the face of the injustice of this tragedy. She then embarks on a dangerous journey that takes her from her native Denmark to the four corners of the world.

First Danish original series commissioned by HBO, Suicide bomber is taken from the novel Muleum by Erlend Loe and adapted for television by showrunner Johanne Algren (Holiday). It features a powerful young performer, Marie Reuther, in the role of a teenager devastated by insurmountable mourning in the prime of life. A powerful and melancholy work with distant accents of Euphoria, whose exploded narration between flashbacks and flashforwards is served by an organic and sumptuous achievement.

Julia fernandez

Pørni (Panorama International)

Podcast - series mania 2021 day 8: the thriller rebecca with anne marivin, the teen drama kamikaze and david hourrègue's vision of germinal


Small nugget straight from Norway, Pørni tells the story of a 40-year-old social worker specializing in child protection and family problems. If she thrives in her job which is close to her heart, she does not have time to breathe and think about herself since she also has to juggle between her two daughters, her nephew, her father and her ex- husband. As if that weren’t enough, Pørni deals with the disappearance of his sister in a bizarre fashion.

By mixing mental load, mourning, busy work and family dramas, Pørni charms with her authenticity and sincerity but also by the quirky and direct humor of Henriette Steenstrup, who wrote the series and who plays this courageous, endearing and hilarious heroine. . We understand the success of this successful Norwegian series, which was the most watched series in its country 24 hours after its launch on Viaplay.

Megan Choquet

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