PODCAST – Series Mania 2021 Day 5: Joshua Jackson as Doctor of Death, the political thriller Furia and the secrets of the Opera team

Every day, the AlloCiné team brings you the Séries Mania festival. On the program for the 5th day: Joshua Jackson in Dr Death, the thriller Furia, the return of Mytho, the Wakefield nugget and our guests Raphaël Personnaz and Suzy Bemba (The Opera).

Furia (international competition)

1. Furia (International Competition)

If there is one area in which Scandinavians excel, it is thrillers. And Furia is no exception. Coming straight from Norway, this 8-part series follows two characters living in a small community in western Norway. On the one hand, there is Ragna, a young woman who, thanks to a blog she created under the nickname “Furia”, has managed to infiltrate a far-right terrorist cell. On the other, we find Asgeir, a former undercover agent, who lives in the small town under a new identity after a disastrous undercover mission. They will both try to thwart the plans of this terrorist cell in order to avoid a deadly attack.

Furia offers us a chilling dive into the workings of European extremist movements while offering us an effective and addicting thriller. Each episode is embellished with flashbacks that allow us to learn more about the past of our two protagonists, and thus to understand how they got there. Between power games, secret identity and indoctrination, Furia offers us a complex work against the backdrop of the magnificent Norwegian landscapes.

Lucie Reeb

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During the Séries Mania Festival, the city of Lille becomes the playground for series fans in search of new productions to discover. From August 26 to September 2, 2021, our passionate experts bring you this international festival dedicated to television series from around the world.

Today, the Spotlight team debriefs a high-profile political thriller from Norway: Furia,

We also mention two series of Panorama International presented in preview: XX

Finally, we advise you to make an appointment with the second season of Mytho, darker

Our guests of the day: Raphaël Personnaz and Suzy Bemba, starring in the L’Opéra series, in French Competition, which will be available on September 7 on OCS.

Journalists: Mégane Choquet / Jérémie Dunand / Julia Fernandez / Lucie Reeb

Director: Ando Raminoson / Constance Mathews

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