PODCAST – Series Mania 2021 Day 3: a dive into The Opera, the zombies of The Bite and behind the scenes of the Festival as told by its directors

Every day, the AlloCiné team brings you the Séries Mania festival. On the program for the 3rd day: the dancers from L’Opéra, the zombies from The Bite, the series The Unusual Suspects and Bête Noire and our guests Laurence Herszberg and Frédéric Lavigne.

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During the Séries Mania Festival, the city of Lille becomes the playground for series fans in search of new productions to discover. From August 26 to September 2, 2021, our passionate experts bring you this international festival dedicated to television series from around the world.

Today, the Spotlight team debriefs a powerful and ambitious series from the French Competition: The Opera, a cross portrait of two dancers whose opposing paths reflect the reality of this very closed environment.

We also mention three series of Panorama International presented in preview: The Bite, worn by Audra McDonald (Private Practice, The Good Fight), winner of the first Séries Mania Étoile Award, the Canadian series Bête Noire by director Sophie Deraspe (Antigone ) and the insane Australian series The Unusual Suspects with Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings, The War of the Worlds, The New Adventures of Sabrina).

Our guests of the day are Laurence Herszberg, the general director, and Frédéric Lavigne, the artistic director, to tell us about this new edition of Séries Mania.

Journalists: Mégane Choquet / Jérémie Dunand / Julia Fernandez / Lucie Reeb

Director: Ando Raminoson / Constance Mathews

The Opera (French Competition)

Podcast - series mania 2021 day 3: a dive into the opera, the zombies of the bite and behind the scenes of the festival as told by its directors


With the means of its ambitions, Opera plunges us with force and realism in the very closed scenes of the Opera of Paris through the crossed portraits of two dancers that everything opposes, between a 35-year-old star with a career weakened by his excesses of all kinds who tries to save his place and a young black ballerina who tries as best she can to integrate into this world still governed by obsolete dictates.

We quickly get attached to these women’s fights under the ambitious and pitiless gaze of the brand new Dance Director, who wants to modernize the Opera by all means even if there is collateral damage and we are ecstatic. in front of the dance sequences with the bewitching scenography. In addition to its hard-hitting writing and effective staging, Cécile Ducrocq’s series can count on the impeccable performance of its cast, such as Ariane Labed, Raphaël Personnaz and Suzy Bemba, a real revelation.

Megan Choquet

The Bite (Panorama International)

Podcast - series mania 2021 day 3: a dive into the opera, the zombies of the bite and behind the scenes of the festival as told by its directors


A clever mix between zany comedy and horror, this creation by Michelle and Robert King, the brains already at the origin of The Good Wife, The Good Fight or even Braindead, follows Rachel and Lily, two neighbors confined to a chic building in New York, who will have to face a zombie invasion live from their apartment.

Very pleasant surprise of this festival, this mini-series totally shot in confinement, benefits from choice actors including Audra Mcdonald (The Good Fight, Private Practice) and Taylor Schilling (Orange is the new black) who gives the answer in Never meet … A true serial UFO, The Bite nonetheless remains a satirical series that does not hesitate to cast a critical eye on the management of the pandemic by government representatives.

Lucie Reeb

Bête noire (Panorama international)

Podcast - series mania 2021 day 3: a dive into the opera, the zombies of the bite and behind the scenes of the festival as told by its directors

Corus Media

Quebec punch series of this 2021 edition of Séries Mania, Black beast is a drama that looks at the side effects of a mass killing committed in a high school by Jérémy, a 16-year-old teenager, and follows the investigation of a psychiatrist who, at the same time as Jérémy’s mother, goes try to understand how the teenager could have come to commit such an act.

By asking the question of the trigger for this nightmare, Bête noire stands out as a poignant drama, sometimes chilling too, which takes the guts from its first episode. But finally, after the first sequences, the director Sophie Deraspe (Antigone) and the writers manage to paint an intimate portrait of a family shattered by horror and incomprehension. And behind the shock and this unforgivable act, there are points of humanity and light that sometimes shine through. A very strong series which we can not wait to see the rest.

Jeremiah Dunand

The Unusual Suspects (Panorama International)

Podcast - series mania 2021 day 3: a dive into the opera, the zombies of the bite and behind the scenes of the festival as told by its directors


Small nugget straight from Australia and presented at Panorama International, The Unusual Suspects is a dark comedy that should appeal to fans of Big Little Lies. A sharp dive into the upscale neighborhoods of Sydney where a broke businesswoman who gives the illusion of her wealth on social networks and her housekeeper from the Philippines strangely join forces to rebuild their financial health.

Built around an investigation into the theft of a multi-million dollar necklace, the series returns with flashbacks to the key events that led to this high-profile heist. Carried by a Miranda Otto in great shape, The Unusual Suspects is a modern, gratinate and rhythmic proposition which is part of the new line of black comedies where the wealthy take it for their rank like The White Lotus and Nine Perfect Strangers and which gives pride of place to neurotic but determined women.

Megan Choquet

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