PODCAST – Series Mania 2021 Day 2: Vigil at the opening, Ramzy Bedia who lays gold and the 1000th of Tomorrow belongs to us

Every day, the AlloCiné team brings you the Séries Mania festival. On the program for the 2nd day: Or de lui with Ramzy, the Italian drama Anna, the opening series Vigil and Aude Thévenin and Kamel Belghazi (Tomorrow belongs to us) as guests.

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During the Séries Mania Festival, the city of Lille becomes the playground for series fans in search of new productions to discover. From August 26 to September 2, 2021, our passionate experts bring you this international festival dedicated to television series from around the world.

Today, the Spotlight team debriefs the opening series: Vigil, a high-tension UK closed door from the producers of Bodyguard. We also mention Anna, the new series by Niccolò Ammaniti (Il Miracolo) which adapts its own novel with a poetic and touching story of children surviving during an epidemic. Finally, we talk to you about Or de lui, a drama by Baptiste Lorber with a Ramzy Bedia in great shape who lays gold.

Our guests today are Aude Thévenin, producer of Demain Belongs to Us, and Kamel Belghazi, key player in this daily. They come back for us on the success of the TF1 soap opera, which has just crossed the 1000 episodes mark and which offers itself for the occasion a new credits signed Vianney.

Journalists: Mégane Choquet / Jérémie Dunand / Julia Fernandez / Lucie Reeb

Director: Ando Raminoson / Constance Mathews

Vigil (Opening Series)

Podcast - series mania 2021 day 2: vigil at the opening, ramzy bedia who lays gold and the 1000th of tomorrow belongs to us


Presented Thursday evening at the opening of the festival, Vigil, which we owe to the producers of Bodyguard and Line of Duty, takes us aboard HMS Vigil, a British Army submarine shaken by the death of a crew member, victim of an apparent overdose. A police investigator is sent into this microcosm governed by its own rules and its law of silence, and will try to find out what really happened.

Very engaging, Vigil benefits from all the know-how of the British in terms of thrillers under tension and manages to grab us from its particularly grandiose and breathless opening scene. A series without downtime, which also owes a lot to its cast, Suranne Jones (Doctor Foster) and Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) in the lead.

Jeremiah Dunand

Or de lui (French Competition)

Podcast - series mania 2021 day 2: vigil at the opening, ramzy bedia who lays gold and the 1000th of tomorrow belongs to us

France TV

When Ramzy bedia lays gold… The drama’s pitch Gold from him, to be discovered soon on France.tv, can make you smile, and with good reason since the kindly schoolboy and relevant humor is at the rendezvous of this series created, written and produced by Baptiste Lorber (10 ‘to lose).

With dialogues that hit the mark, a touching and realistic portrayal of a couple in peril and comical twists to die for, Or de lui seduced by its clever mix between drama and comedy. Ramzy Bedia shines in this quirky and deep UFO just like the rest of the impeccable and very well directed cast.

Megan Choquet

Anna (International Competition)

Podcast - series mania 2021 day 2: vigil at the opening, ramzy bedia who lays gold and the 1000th of tomorrow belongs to us


What would become of our civilization if all adults were to die? This is the starting precept of Anna, a 6-episode series straight from Italy. The creator and screenwriter, Niccolò Ammaniti, to whom we already owe the excellent Il Miracolo, takes us into a post-apocalyptic present in which only children who have not yet reached puberty are still alive. It is in this world that Anna evolves (camped by the young Giulia Dragotto who gets her first role here), an obstinate young girl who will cross a desolate Sicily where nature has taken back its rights in order to find her her little brother, kidnapping victim

Screaming with realism, particularly in its treatment of the pandemic, the series gains in dimension when we learn that the book from which it is adapted, also by Niccolò Ammaniti, was written in 2015, more than 4 years before the pandemic … With her sumptuous sets, her elaborate shots and her promising young actors, Anna, which will be broadcast in November on Arte, is worth a detour.

Lucie Reeb

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