PODCAST - Meeting with Alexandre Aja for the release of Oxygen on Netflix - Cinema Podcast

PODCAST – Meeting with Alexandre Aja for the release of Oxygen on Netflix – Cinema Podcast

2 years after the alligators of “Crawl”, Alexandre Aja is back with “Oxygène”, a survival movie starring Mélanie Laurent, available today on Netflix. The filmmaker takes us behind the scenes in our new episode of our podcast.


Since this Wednesday, May 12, Netflix has offered us a previously unseen film by Alexandre Aja, Oxygen. On this occasion, the filmmaker, who has worked in Hollywood for more than 20 years, gave us a long interview to talk about this news, but also to return to genre cinema in the era of platforms.

Oxygène is presented as a survival movie, a film of confinement in which Mélanie Laurent, impressive, is everywhere. His character wakes up alone, in a cryogenic unit. Why is she here? How did she end up there? Suspense and surprise are at the rendezvous of this film!

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Note that The French in Hollywood are in the summary of the 2nd issue of the French Mania mook (with Claude Lelouch, Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (Nevada, The Act, Mrs America), Olivier Megaton (Taken), Julie Delpy (Two Days in Paris / Two Days in New York) and Roxane Mesquida (Kaboom, Now Apocalypse).

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