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For the new episode of our Spotlight podcast, we welcome Thomas Lilti, director, creator of the Hippocrate series, on the occasion of the broadcast of season 2 on CANAL + and available on demand on myCANAL.


The Hippocrates medical series is back on Canal + for a second season which finds particular echo in the current health context. The first season of the series created by Thomas Lilti had already had a strong resonance. It has increased tenfold after the year under Covid that we have just gone through.

In our Spotlight podcast this week, spotlight on Hippocrates to discuss this context and its impact on writing and filming, and detailing the stakes of these new episodes.

Thomas Lilti, creator of the Hippocrates series, is our guest. He is also the director of several feature films, including Hippocrates the film, Country doctor and more recently First year. He has just released his first book, The oath, published by Grasset.

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Season 2 synopsis: It’s winter. A cold wave hit France, hospitals are overwhelmed. A pipe blew up, flooding the emergency rooms of the Poincaré hospital. Caregivers and patients must fall back to internal medicine. Alyson and Hugo are continuing their internship in the service. Chloe does everything to come back to practice despite her fragile health. None of the three has heard from Arben, who has disappeared without leaving a word. They will have to face a hospital in crisis, under the authority of Doctor Olivier Brun, the new head of the emergency department.

With Louise Bourgoin, Zacharie Chasseriaud, Alice Belaïdi, Karim Leklou, Bouli Lanners, Anne Consigny, Géraldine Nakache, Théo Navarro-Mussy …

Season 2 of Hippocrates is written by Thomas Litli, with Anais Carpita and Claude Le Pape. It is available on myCANAL and broadcast every Monday evening on CANAL +.

> The show is presented by Brigitte Baronnet, with Mégane Choquet and Laetitia Ratane in preparation and interview. Editing: Brigitte Baronnet. Mixing and dressing: Louis Barreau.

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The Hippocrates season 2 trailer, currently on CANAL + and myCANAL

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