PODCAST – 2021 Mania Series Day 6: Nona’s formidable family and her daughters, Julie Delpy’s comedy and Agnès Hurstel and Jonathan Lambert’s humor lesson from Jeune et Golri

Every day, the AlloCiné team brings you the Séries Mania festival. On the program for the 6th day: the procedural Le Code, Nona et ses filles, On The Verge by Julie Delpy and our guests Agnès Hurstel and Jonathan Lambert (Jeune et Golri).

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During the Séries Mania Festival, the city of Lille becomes the playground for series fans in search of new productions to discover. From August 26 to September 2, 2021, our passionate experts bring you this international festival dedicated to television series from around the world.

Today, the Spotlight team debriefs two series of the French Competition: The Code, the new legal drama of France 2 which stands out for its original plot and its diverse cast, and Nona and her daughters, the whimsical family drama and feminist by Valérie Donzelli.

Finally, we recommend the series by Julie Delpy, previewed at the Séries Mania festival: On The Verge, the portraits of women in their forties in search of freedom, recovery and assertion.

Our guests of the day: Agnès Hurstel and Jonathan Lambert, on the poster for Jeune et Golri, in French Competition, which will be available on September 2 on OCS.

Journalists: Mégane Choquet / Jérémie Dunand / Julia Fernandez / Lucie Reeb

Director: Ando Raminoson / Constance Mathews

The Code (French Competition)

Podcast - 2021 mania series day 6: nona's formidable family and her daughters, julie delpy's comedy and agnès hurstel and jonathan lambert's humor lesson from jeune et golri


Created by Lionel Olenga (Chérif), Cécile Even, and Nicolas Robert, The code tells the story of Idriss Toma, a brilliant Parisian lawyer ally of the rich and the powerful who, after having come close to death, returns to Lille and joins forces with a committed lawyer and a former glory of the bar in order to defend those and those whom the judicial machine threatens to crush.

Fairly classic in form – we are dealing with a procedural series with closed cases – The Code does not revolutionize France Télévisions’ offer in terms of series but at least has the merit of leaving the police outright to take an interest in a group of lawyers anything but conventional, quite distant from the heroes of Avocats et associés and from the feel good We are going to love each other a little a lot.

The Code stands out in particular thanks to its rather dark affairs, its desperate characters – played by guests like Annelise Hesme -, its strong societal subjects, and its diversity, especially within the cast, which relies on faces that are ultimately relatively unknown to the general public but all packed with talent, like Daniel Njo Lobé, who plays the hero, Naidra Ayadi, Barbara Probst, or Théo Frilet.

Jeremiah Dunand

Nona and her daughters (preview)

Podcast - 2021 mania series day 6: nona's formidable family and her daughters, julie delpy's comedy and agnès hurstel and jonathan lambert's humor lesson from jeune et golri


First series of Valerie Donzelli for Arte, Nona and her daughters is a poetic and tender drama following the improbable story of Nona, a free and independent woman, ex-sixty-eight who fought for the right to dispose of her body. After having raised triplets alone, she now finds herself pregnant at seventy! She who hoped to finally be able to enjoy life once her daughters have become adults, has to undergo unwanted motherhood. An inexplicable event that will spread a shock wave in his tribe …

The director of La Guerre is declared and Notre Dame signs a colorful fable that allows itself to mix genres. A very successful first choral series where sung sequences rub shoulders with a touch of the supernatural, and where the notion of sorority is in the spotlight. Around Miou-Miou, who perhaps plays here one of the beautiful roles of his career, Virginie Ledoyen, Clotilde Hesme and Valerie Donzelli embody a trio of sisters as contrasting as they are fusional, served by a cast of secondary characters (Michel Vuillermoz, Antoine Reinartz, Léonie Simaga) just as endearing.

Julia fernandez

On The Verge (Preview)

Podcast - 2021 mania series day 6: nona's formidable family and her daughters, julie delpy's comedy and agnès hurstel and jonathan lambert's humor lesson from jeune et golri

The Film TV

With On The Verge, Julie delpy explores with originality and authenticity the quarantine crisis of four friends in a pre-Covid Los Angeles and wants to talk about these women, who, even past a certain age, are still full of vitality, dreams, hope and project . Julie Delpy, Mathieu Demy and David Petrarca’s comical and playful staging is tinged with a musical note and a dramatic touch that give the series an impeccable balance.

With her co-author Alexia Landeau, Julie Delpy tells a story of liberation, empowerment and affirmation of these four friends who have reached a point of no return and who need a saving change. We feel the sincerity, relevance and humor of Julie Delpy in this work for which she was inspired by some of her friends.

Megan Choquet

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