Plus Belle la vie: Will Victoire leave Sacha for Romain?

Back in the soap opera for several weeks, Victoire, now married to Sacha, plays the game of cat and mouse with the new head of the neurosurgery department … Will the two doctors give in to temptation?

Plus belle la vie: will victoire leave sacha for romain?
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Back in the Mistral for several weeks, Victoire Lissajoux (Flavie Péan) did not have an easy journey in Plus Belle la vie. Romantic rivalries, failed suicide attempt, return from the dead under a false identity and mission for the DGSI, the young medical intern is now having happy days with Sacha Malkavian (Avy Marciano), with whom she is now married. But a new arrival at the Marseille-Est hospital could well upset their couple …

Head of the neurosurgery department of a Parisian hospital, Romain Vidal, played by Simon Ehrlacher (Coeur Océan), is currently hospitalized in Marseille for health reasons. Overseen by Victoire, who persists in trying to discover the disease from which he suffers, the neurosurgeon, however married, will not remain long insensitive to the charms of the intern …

According to the site Stars News, Victoire and Romain, increasingly close to the hospital, will end up giving in to temptation: after Victoire has identified the cause of her patient’s symptoms, she will end up confessing her feelings to him, and both go to bed. together. From there to starting a real romance? For the moment, nothing suggests that this adventure could last and if the character played by Simon Ehrlacher left to stay at the Mistral. But this infidelity could cost Victoire and the couple she forms with Sacha dear. Riva, witness of their rapprochement, could he sell the fuse?

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In addition, another apparently solid couple could soon shatter in Plus Belle la vie: the one formed by César and Barbara. The first, unsettled by the arrival of Fanny, the new waitress recruited by Thomas in his new restaurant “Le Marci” managed with Barbara, is in fact hiding a secret from his girlfriend. Two years earlier, he and Fanny had an affair, reports the site Melty. And the pretty waitress would always have feelings for him … A plot that does not seem to please some of the fans of the daily, who pointed out a new scenario inconsistency of the series on social networks: two years earlier, Caesar only had eyes for Emma! But the production of Plus Belle la vie always has more than one trick up its sleeve to connect the multiple intrigues of everyday life …

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