Plus Belle la Vie: where was Elsa's trial filmed?  - News Series on TV

Plus Belle la Vie: where was Elsa’s trial filmed? – News Series on TV

Charged for organ trafficking, Elsa (Caroline Bourg) must now face justice, defended by Revel. Where did the production of Plus Belle la Vie reconstitute the courtroom for this trial event?

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Currently at the heart of the main plot of Plus Belle la vie, Elsa, played by Caroline Bourg, is tried for organ trafficking and faces many years in prison. Revel, his lawyer, struggles to ensure his defense: destabilized by a witness surprised at the bar come to support the trail of the murder of the donor of the liver who saved Alison’s life, he is all the more so more by the feelings he has towards his client ….

In recent years, the production of Plus Belle la vie has made its film crews more flexible by increasing the number of exteriors in Marseille and its surroundings to modernize the series. A way to highlight new decors to renew the epinal image of Place du Mistral, which has been at the heart of the series since its creation.

But Plus Belle la vie has more than one trick up its sleeve when it comes to mobilizing important sets. Thus, Elsa’s trial, contrary to what the series suggests, was not shot in a real court but … in a museum! According to Leisure TV, the production took over a room at the Musée des Beaux Arts in Marseille and completely redecorated it, giving the illusion of a real courtroom.

Among the recent novelties of the series, in addition to the new credits in 2020, a new bar-restaurant founded by Barbara and Thomas, Le Marci, has opened its doors. More modern, more contemporary, it makes it possible to renew the historical settings of everyday life, on the sidelines of the many scenes filmed in Marseille which highlight the key places of the city.

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