Plus belle la vie: what is the Retrouvailles bonus worth?

France 3 broadcasts this Tuesday evening the bonus of “Plus belle la vie”, entitled Retrouvailles, which sees former flagship characters of the series make their comeback on the occasion of Scotto’s prom.

While the end of More beautiful life is fast approaching, France 3 is broadcasting this Tuesday evening from 9:10 p.m. the penultimate bonus of its flagship daily soap opera. Entitled “Retrouvailles”, it is the scene of an end-of-year ball organized by the students of the Vincent Scotto high school who took the opportunity to invite former students.

A not quite innocent invitation since Sunalee and Dimitri are determined to lift the veil on the mystery surrounding the suicide of the latter’s sister by questioning Rudy, Johanna and Ninon about their relationship with the young woman.

This red thread intrigue, which has punctuated the episodes of recent weeks and which saw the duo take up many challenges in order to have answers, will also find in tonight’s episode a surprising outcome to say the least.

Who is the blackmailer playing with Sunalee and Dimitri? And above all, why did Dimitri’s sister commit suicide? It is to these questions that the premium Retrouvailles will try to answer.

Long-awaited returns

In addition to this mystery which will finally know its resolution at the end of the 90 minutes that constitute this special episode, this bonus is also the occasion for the fans of the first hour to see again on their screen the emblematic characters who marked the series.

Ambrose Michael (Rudi), Aurelie Vaneck (Ninon), Dounia Coesens (Johanna), Inca Hill (Sybil) and Ana K (Amandine Turpin) are therefore at the heart of the intrigues for our greatest happiness. If we could have feared that these returns were only an instrument to awaken the nostalgia of viewers, the screenwriters managed the feat of offering each of the characters a way to finally turn the page.

Plus belle la vie what is the Retrouvailles bonus worth

Rudy thus pushes his mother, who abandoned him when he was a child, to build a healthy relationship with Sunalee, the daughter of his new husband and Johanna finally manages to forgive her mother, Blanche. She even pushes her to support Noé, when he is going through a difficult time in his love life.

The most touching story, however, remains that of Sybille, who, completely put aside by her former comrades, does not really feel in her place in this evening. Unlike them, she has not yet managed to find happiness, is still single, does not have a dream job and is still looking for her place in society.

When she decides to run away, she meets Théo, who has just been released from the psychiatric hospital, who still finds it difficult to mourn Coralie. A touching relationship is quickly formed between these two strangers that we almost regret not seeing develop in the next episodes. Maybe these two characters will be back by the end of Plus belle la vie… Fingers crossed.

The time gallery

Who says exceptional bonus, also says exceptional decor. To mark the occasion, it is not at the Mistral that the various characters meet to celebrate the end of the year, but in the majestic mansion of Dimitri which lends itself to the event.

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And to take fans even further into nostalgia, the character of Delphine uses a room in the castle to put up an art installation called “La galerie du temps”, an extraordinary space in which images from past seasons are projected.

A mixture of archive images from Plus belle la vie and personal videos of the teams, this place allows the characters, but also the viewers, to immerse themselves in their memories and slowly begin to say goodbye to this series which has punctuated their life for over 18 years.

Find the bonus of More beautiful life “Retrouvailles” this Tuesday July 5 at 9:10 p.m. on France 3. For the most impatient, the episode is already available on Salto.