Plus Belle la vie: “the end of the Barbara / Baptiste storyline will be surprising for everyone …

Plus belle la vie: "the end of the barbara / baptiste storyline will be surprising for everyone...

Present at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival, Léa François reacted to the intrigue in progress in the daily, endangering the couples Barbara / César and Baptiste / Emma.

Barbara is currently a heart of a love story in Plus Belle la vie involving Baptiste, Emma and Caesar. A plot for which a sequence of parachute jumps was necessary …

Léa François: Absolutely. Extreme sports, thrills in every sense of the word! (laughs) When we were told about this plot, we wondered if we were really going to jump or not, and very quickly we understood that it was complicated because we, as actors, would have had to jump several times. to have multiple plans.

There were some rather spectacular things to play, with Baptiste’s parachute which does not open, stunts … We would have needed a lot of training to succeed in doing that, and especially for questions of insurance. compared to the shoot. So we brought in some pros, great liners, during this storyline.

Following this jumping session which almost goes wrong, we witness an unexpected rapprochement between Baptiste and Barbara. If Emma seems to want to give Baptiste her freedom so as not to lose him, what about Barbara and Caesar?

It was quite unexpected for me too, I assure you! (laughs) But yes, Caesar is still prowling around Emma. Unconsciously or not, it also moved Barbara away from Caesar. She is clearly understanding that he still thinks about her a lot, so I think that she has a little the balls about that, and that she sees a little in Baptiste the father, that she would like to detect. in Caesar, but there is nothing to be done.

And then the adrenaline, the thrills, lots of things get mixed up … and then, my character still falls in love in three seconds. (laughs) She is passionate, she quickly ignites and then she thinks afterwards. But in any case, I know that it will potentially make noise to arrive in the couple Emma / Baptiste, who are well installed with their son Mathis. It’s going to make a mess!

Personally, are you more of the Baptiste-Emma or Emma-César team?

I really liked the Baptiste Emma couple, and when I was told what was going to happen, I was very surprised! And then, I get along really well with Grant too, who plays Caesar. We have a good time, and I think there are plenty of things to do with César and Barbara. So no, I was very surprised and disappointed that he hadn’t forgotten Emma.

Caesar will go very far elsewhere to try to recover Emma, ​​since it was recently discovered that he was the mysterious blackmailer of Jacob, and that he is going to ask her to make Baptiste disappear …

A lot is going to happen, but I think the end of the plot is going to be surprising for everyone. I remember that when I read it, it suddenly gave me a lot of information! (laughs) I can’t tell you the whole ending, but I fell off my chair a bit. I did not expect to turn this at all.

Especially since the love triangle between Caesar, Emma and Baptist has been going on for some time. Would this be the occasion to give him a conclusion in apotheosis?

Yes, whatever happens, it’s going to get things done one way or another, you’ll see!

For the past year, Barbara has had a pretty hectic life, between her addiction problems, this baby who came out of nowhere …

It may have made her think a little about wanting to settle down, wanting to have a child … And then she comes back, but she’s going to be a little lost. Professionally all is well, she’s in the restaurant she opened with Thomas (Laurent Kérusoré) and it’s pretty cool. But on the personal side, it’s a bit of a mess.

What about her early romance with Nathan (Thibaud Vaneck), her longtime friend?

For me, he’s more of a friend, they’re almost almost brothers and sisters. He’s always there when she needs him, she’s there when he needs her too. I find their story too cute, I love filming with Thibaud, and when they really got together last year, I think the characters wondered a bit if there wasn’t more than friendship. , if there wasn’t a little attraction … And we too, we really wondered where it was going to lead, and in the end, no, they are clearly friends, Nathan is now in a relationship with Sabrina, and I find that too cute for a story.

Barbara will be part of the cast for the next premium, which is scheduled to be broadcast at the end of the year on France 3. Can you tell us a little about it?

We are still at the very beginning. It’s been running for about a week, and it’s over in a month. There will be, as is often the case with outdoor shooting in an atypical setting, but I will not be in this part too much, rather in the studio. (laughs)

It’s still early days to tell you anything, but there will be plenty of recurring characters, plenty of people in this bounty, and some big twists too. Things will happen! Even I wonder where it will lead each time, what that implies for the lives of our characters …

Are you never bored with your character?

No, no, we’re not bored. And then, every week at the end of the wave, like viewers with the ending cliffhanger, I have to wait until Monday to get the sequel !. I have a lot of fun making this adventure last.

I’m having fun, and I’m lucky: I have great partners, whether at the roommate, at the bar, love stories, stories with my father … that’s what is great in a series like that: as actors we have the opportunity to play a wide variety of emotions, it’s very enjoyable.

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