Plus Belle la vie: the descent into hell continues for Patrick - News Series on TV

Plus Belle la vie: the descent into hell continues for Patrick – News Series on TV

Victim of a rape, Commander Nebout suffers from an unprecedented trauma and goes through a dark period in Plus Belle la vie. The series will continue to explore the consequences of this drama in depth in future episodes.

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At the end of April, Plus Belle la vie shocked viewers by launching a strong intrigue on Patrick Nebout. During a search, the police commander was raped by a burglar, who forced him to perform oral sex at gunpoint.

Deeply traumatized, Patrick then shut himself up in silence, worrying his relatives and colleagues at the police station during unexplained attacks of violence. A strong subject for the daily soap opera, having at heart to reflect societal issues as close as possible to reality.

In this plot, for which the actor Jérôme Bertin has invested a lot in going to meet men victims of rape within an association organizing support groups, Nebout, a manly and apparently unshakeable cop character, will little by little lose his footing. Fired by his superior for burnout, he finds himself up against the wall.

The rape scene was very violent but there are others that are harder and will happen in the next few years. episodes “, entrusts his interpreter to the site Leisure TV. I hurt myself psychologically “.

If he manages to confess the truth about his aggression to Babeth (Marie Réache), his wife, Patrick does not manage to overcome his discomfort or to confide. He will then start running, and will meet a certain Olivier during one of his jogging sessions. The latter will then take him under his wing and offer him to become his sports coach.

But in the next few episodes, their relationship will take another turn. More and more present in Patrick’s life, Olivier will gradually train him in a sports group with a very strong spirit of cohesion, in which the coach plays a role of mentor and savior for each member, all having lived through difficult trials.

According to the site Stars News, this support group would in reality be a sect, in which Patrick will find himself at his expense, victim of the influence of Olivier. Will he again be subjected to pressure and violence, this time psychological?

What we hope, dealing with this subject, is to allow victims who suffer in silence to perhaps free themselves, to tell themselves that it is not taboo and that to get better, we must speak, get help. Jérôme received testimonies from people telling him that they had been upset, brought back to things they had lived“, confided the producer of Plus Belle la vie in early May.

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