Plus Belle la vie: soon a romance “Love at first sight in Notting Hill” for Vidal and …

During the Festival de la Rochelle 2021, Simon Ehrlacher, who plays Doctor Romain Vidal in “Plus Belle la vie”, makes a first assessment after his arrival in the soap opera at the beginning of the year, and tells us about the content of his next plot .

Plus belle la vie: soon a romance "love at first sight in notting hill" for vidal and...

Your character was part of the summer saga of Plus Belle la vie which ended a few weeks ago. What do you take away from this experience?

It was a wonderful shoot, and the fact of shooting outdoors, in crazy settings, being with a great crew … It was humanly rich, and I think it will be etched in my memory forever. .

Did this shoot require special physical preparation from you, especially for the stunt scenes?

Before that I shot a lot in the studio, because my character is a doctor, I was often in my office at the hospital, and for me it was a real breath of fresh air to shoot outdoors. I love everything that is physical, I’m athletic on the side, so when I was told that I had to climb things, go to stunts, that I had to do falls, I said “no stuntman, I do everything, let me do it! ” (laughs) There were all the ingredients for me to enjoy this shoot.

You also gave the answer to new actors who, like you, were recently introduced in the series: Prudence Leroy for example, who plays the role of Fanny.

We had already started the plot around our two characters before, but it’s true that we really developed and deepened our relationship during this saga.

Although he is now installed in the series and has opened a doctor’s office with Estelle (Elodie Varlet), Romain suffers from Huntington’s disease and must live with the threat that his condition deteriorates on a daily basis. How do you see your character’s future with this weight?

I think he still has a reprieve. The disease takes between ten and fifteen years to really get worse. So if I stay on the show for at least ten years, that’s fine. (laughs) Afterwards, in fiction, the durations can be shortened or lengthened. But for now, he’s just showing symptoms of mild tremors, and he’s still torn between wanting to eat life and holding back. As long as we are in this phase, I think he does not yet have the notion of death.

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You are currently shooting a new plot in which your character will find himself facing a personality who has come to play her own role in the series: Adriana Karembeu. Can you tell us a little more?

It really is a beautiful gift. I felt extremely privileged to know that I was going to tour with Adriana Karembeu, and when I got the lyrics, I discovered that it was a very beautiful story, a romantic arch a bit like love at first sight in Notting Hill. I think you are going to be surprised because there are some great things going to happen there. We started shooting last week, we’re right in the middle of it. We still have a little month to shoot, and it’s going extremely well. I am delighted and hope to be very proud of the end result.

You joined Plus Belle la vie for a little less than a year, after a period of interruption in your acting profession. What do you take away from this new experience on a daily basis?

For me, it is the best gift they have given me. They gave me back the flame and the desire to play. I always had it inside, but life made me devote myself to other things. And coming back to a film set really freed me from something, and today I’m thirsty to shoot again. They have done me extremely good. When you are confident, you release more positive things, and when you release more positive things, positive things happen. I don’t know where the future will take me, but in any case, I know that they opened a beautiful door for me.

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Are there any play partners that you would like to have on a daily basis?

There I shot a few sequences with Sylvie Flepp, who plays Mirta, and I really enjoyed myself. I would have liked to have had more scenes with Lola Marois, who plays Ariane … Everyone has their own personality, it’s always nice to discover the way of working and the way of playing of each one, and to be surprised each time.

Did the fact of starting to act again with Plus Belle la vie given you other opportunities on the side, to shoot in other projects?

The series takes a lot of time now, but I manage to pass some tests in castings. There are things that maybe will happen. I shot a sequence to finalize the financing of a feature film, a great road movie in the 1980s, and it was a great experience so I hope it will be finalized so that we can shoot the film. . Afterwards, I would like to continue having fun on Plus Belle la vie but also on other projects, and do a little action.

Does the fact of having had this break in your career and having done something else give you more perspective on the profession of actor?

Exactly; I don’t realize it personally, but it’s kind of the feedback I get from the people I work with. There were years when I struggled, and turning to sports gave me both physical and spiritual balance. And today, all that happens to me is just a bonus. I know that tomorrow everything can stop, I accept it and every day I welcome what happens to me with philosophy.

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You were one of the main actors of the cult teen series Cœur Océan on France 2. Has the idea of ​​making a reboot or a revival with the former members of the cast already been mentioned?

No, no … We were twenty years old, for many it was almost our first experience, it was a magical shoot and we lived with a great team, which I find today on Plus Belle la vie. The moment, the generation … All the ingredients were there for it to happen at that time, and when things are done well, we must not go back on it. Otherwise, this is the best way to be disappointed!

Do you have a genre of predilection, or a director that you would love to shoot with?

I have always been a Jacques Audiard madman, at the time of Coeur Océan it was already the case. Black films where there is always a note of hope, I like it a lot. I liked Cédric Jiménez’s Bac Nord a lot lately as well. Otherwise, I also want to tell stories that make you dream: I find that today, we make a lot of films very anchored in reality, and it’s very personal, but I miss all these films for years. 1980-1990, with action, beautiful love stories that make you dream … Films that make you want to eat life, that boost us.

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