Plus Belle la vie: soon a love triangle between Fanny, Vidal and the wild man? Prudence Leroy responds

While the summer saga continues each evening in Plus Belle la vie, Prudence Leroy, the interpreter of Fanny, tells us about the fate of her character and what awaits the castaways, stranded on an island not so deserted as it is. looks like it.

Plus Belle la vie soon a love triangle between Fanny
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You joined Plus belle la vie in the role of Fanny last December. At that point, did anyone ever talk to you about your character’s involvement in the summer saga, or was it a total surprise?

Prudence Leroy: When I joined the series in mid-December, it was on the arch of the opening of the restaurant “Le Marci”, where I was going to become the new waitress after having briefly been a taxi driver. During my first steps, I had the chance to arrive with Laurent Kérusoré and Léa François, and it was great. But no, no one had told me anything about the summer saga, I knew it really late, a few months before the launch of the preparation, and it was a real surprise. At the moment we are nearing the end of the filming of the saga, which has been broadcast every evening in Plus Belle la vie for a few weeks. It’s a hell of an adventure that requires a lot of energy!

Yes, especially since Fanny is at the heart of the saga since she finds herself confronted with memories, diffuse images of her past and sees herself as a child on the island … We have the impression that the secret of the place revolves around her.

It’s true that through this summer saga, we really discover Fanny: when she arrived in the Marci setting, we didn’t know much about her family, her past, or who she really was. Through these episodes, we really learn more about her, especially her family history.

This idyllic setting also contains its share of dangers: a “cursed” island according to her, where a wild beast would roam, even rather hostile locals …

Exactly. The settings are breathtaking but the place is hostile. We find ourselves embroiled in a captivating story around this group of castaways. While they have just reunited after being separated during the shipwreck, they discover that they are not alone on the island, and go through a lot together.

While they are in a state of survival, Fanny, as you have seen in the last few episodes, has a rather special encounter. She finds a young man whom she had met younger; she thought she had memories, and those memories came to fruition.

This character, Alexandre, is played by Léo Romain. It seems to me that you have one thing in common with him: you both played in Scenes of households and Camping Paradis …

It’s true, it’s quite funny yes! We had never met despite that, even in life outside of castings and filming. We met during this summer saga, and we had this common point of having shot on these two series, it was a beautiful coincidence.

Fanny discovers that she is very attracted to Alexandre to the point of sleeping with him several times, while the first episodes of the saga rather suggested a potential rapprochement between Dr. Vidal and her. How could this relationship evolve?

It is true that it was a surprise, at the same time for Fanny and for the public, to cross this savage man, and that she wonders if she had ever seen him before, if she knew him … will fall a little bit into a love triangle between Doctor Vidal (Simon Ehrlacher) and the wild man. It is true that at the beginning, she had approached Vidal, but a little in spite of them because they arrive together on the island and are released together in nature. But a lot will happen in this little triangle in the next episodes … (laughs)

All the more so as we still do not know the intentions of this man, who seems to know the island by heart and to be grounded in survival.

Of course. Fanny fell in love with this “reunion”, but she remained on her guard. She remains attached to her group of friends, who rightly ask her for explanations because they still have not seen her, with the exception of the character of Celine (Rebecca Hampton).

What struck you the most during these weeks of filming in Martigues? Were there aspects that were sometimes physically demanding?

You should know that during the first day of filming, we had an incredible storm, very heavy rains from morning to night. We were worried about the rest of the shoot, but it turned out to be our only day of bad weather. It was not too hot because the wind softened the temperatures, and it is true that we were on very long time slots, because we often exceeded compared to the shooting of the classic daily.

Despite these big days, the motivation and the desire to tour were so much greater that we forgot the fatigue. There was really a tight-knit troop vibe on set. What we wanted was to please the viewers by taking them on board with us through new settings in this great group adventure. There will also be other characters that you will discover on the island for the second part, with the arrival of Aurélie Konaté and Anthony Dupray. Their arrival on the adventure was a real pleasure!

We imagine that Fanny will not come out of this journey unscathed; during his absence, there is a lot of commotion on the Marci side, with Thomas and his brother François who are tearing themselves apart around the inheritance of their father who claims to be sick … We do not know what will happen to the restaurant , that François tries to sink, and if Fanny will always have a place on her return!

Absolutely. The situation is complicated on the other side, but in any case Fanny will return to the Place du Mistral and will resume her place at the end of the saga.

Do you have other projects in preparation on the sidelines of Plus Belle la vie?

I shot several things just before the saga: you will be able to find me from the start in The Mysteries of the Gendarmerie School, a unitary with Sara Mortensen, and alongside Camille Lou in the series J’ai Menti on France 3.

In the meantime, I am having a fabulous experience with the Plus Belle la vie teams and I thank them for this saga, because we really enjoyed ourselves. It has been a great adventure with incredible playing partners. I think I’m still struggling to achieve, I think I’ll take full measure when the broadcast is completed. I am very happy and grateful for everything I am going through with them.