Plus Belle la vie: Sacha soon to be the victim of a violent assault

Plus Belle la vie: Sacha soon to be the victim of a violent assault

In the next episodes of “Plus Belle la vie”, the reporter will be the victim of an attack in the middle of the street, the consequences of which could be terrible …

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Back in Plus Belle la vie au coeur d’une intrigue politique, Sacha (Avy Marciano), reporter for the Massilia News, decides to write a column on secularism with Ahmet, a journalist friend of Turkish origin passing through Marseille, on the occasion of a discussion on the clichés between France and Turkey.

But while Ahmet must translate their text in order to have it published at the same time in the Massilia News and on an independent Turkish site, he announces to Sacha that he wants to give up doing it because, according to him, these substantive subjects do not interest the public. . Disappointed, Sacha is nevertheless understanding towards his friend.

However, a few days later, Sacha discovers that Ahmet has changed his mind: he published their column on the independent Turkish site, and it provokes strong reactions. He then manipulates his editor-in-chief so that the text is also published in the Massilia News in extremis.

But when Sacha and Luna contact Ahmet, they realize that their friend is in trouble because of the controversial text. Knocks are knocked on the door of the Turkish journalist, who abruptly interrupts the conversation.

If Sacha fears the worst for Ahmet, he himself will find himself the victim of a terrible assault in the episode broadcast on Friday, June 4. Attacked in the middle of the street by a stranger, he will receive an ultra-corrosive product on his face which will burn his eyes.

Received urgently by Romain and Victoire at the hospital, Sacha is going to panic when he can no longer see anything. Upset, Victoire will ask Romain if her husband risks losing his sight, which the doctor confirms to her … Ironically, it is because of Sacha’s actions that Luna, his former companion, found herself paraplegic. for more than a year following sabotage of the brakes of the journalist’s car.

From now on, will Sacha pay a high price for his political platform? Who could blame him in Marseille to the point of committing such a violent assault that risks making him blind? To be continued in the next episodes on France 3 and in preview on SALTO!

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