Plus Belle la vie: prom, mysteries … the plot of the “Reunion” bonus revealed -…

On July 5, France 3 broadcasts a prime event following the daily, in which old and new generation of Mistraliens will meet at a prom… which will turn into a nightmare.

Plus Belle la vie prom mysteries the plot of the
Telfrance Series/FTV

Broadcast next Tuesday, July 5 at 9:10 p.m., “Retrouvailles”, the new prime event of More beautiful lifepromises to bring its share of comfort to the fans devastated by the announcement of the end of the series at the beginning of May. Faced with the growing drop in audiences for the Marseille soap opera, the France Télévisions group has decided to halt production this summer.

Therefore, episodes boxed during the summer period will air this fall, with the series filming two months ahead of airing. But before discovering the final episode of the daily with record longevity (18 seasons broadcast between 2004 and 2022), fans will be able to console themselves this summer with “Retrouvailles”, which will bring together both historical characters from Plus Belle la vie and its new generation at the Mistral during a glamorous prime, of which France Télévisions reveals the synopsis in a press release.

In order to end a turbulent year in style, the high school students of Scotto are mobilizing around Lola (Mary Mallia) to host a prom. The sublime castle of the Dimitri family (Zachary Bordier) is requisitioned. All relatives, of Thomas (Laurent Kerusore) to Luna (Anne Decis), get involved in the organization and Delphine (Delphine Rollin) prepares a sublime surprise, hoping that Theo (Jules Fabre) finds the courage to come face to face with the past.

D-Day is coming, everyone is there! Even Rudy (Ambrose Michael), Johanna (Dounia Coesens), Ninon (Aurelie Vaneck), Sybille (Inca Hill) and Amanda (Ana Ka) are in the game! The stars seem aligned so that all generations of the Mistral share a glam and dancing evening orchestrated by Gabriel (Joakim Latzko) to the turntables.

But while Sunalee (Alixe Guidoni) is about to solve the mystery of the suicide of Dimitri’s sister and that Betty (Horya Benabet) capsizes hearts, a malevolent hand sabotages the evening to turn it into a nightmare…

Isn’t it when everything goes wrong and hope seems to have vanished that we discover who we can really count on? Thanks to the good understanding between students of the past and present and to the link between the generations, the community of Scotto students will manage to elucidate the mysteries that surround the evening and end it in apotheosis, on a note of hope and summer beginning.

In the casting, viewers will also find Cecilia Hornus (Blanche Marci) Thibaud Vaneck (Nathan Leserman) Florian Lesieur (Noah Ruiz), Charles Schneider (Claude Rochat), Bryan Treasure (Baptiste Marci), Theo Bertrand (Kevin Belesta) Ella Philippe (Nisma Bailly), Tim Rousseau (Kilian Corcel), Mary Mallia (Lola Corcel) Val Duclaux (Jules Langlois)Nicolas Berger Vachon (Bastien Castel), who will join this vast reunion of characters unprecedented in the history of the series.

Following the bonus, France 3 will also broadcast the report from 10:50 p.m.In the secrets of More beautiful lifebackstage and confidences”bringing together five leading actors from daily life to look back on their journey since their sudden fame by joining the series, as well as two testimonies from young people whose journeys rooted in reality are reflected in the societal intrigues tackled by the soap opera.

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