Plus belle la vie on Wednesday, October 6, 2021: early summary of episode 4383 – News …

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Jacob sequesters Baptiste, Kévin puts pressure on Camille to tell the truth. For her part, Lola decides to take the plunge with Jules, and Jean-Paul has a bad surprise in store for Léa.

Plus belle la vie on wednesday, october 6, 2021: early summary of episode 4383 - news...
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Baptiste in danger of death

Abducted by Jacob, Baptiste regains consciousness chained to a gutter in an abandoned place. He then discovers a man concealed by a welder’s mask in the process of walling him up alive. Despite his pleas to release him, the killer relentlessly pursues his task …

At the Mistral, Emma calls out to Barbara and asks her if she spent the evening with Baptiste. Embarrassed, she replies that they saw each other during the afternoon. Worried, Emma informs her that Baptiste cannot be found. The two then go to Caesar, who is the last person to see him after closing the bike shop the night before.

Very bitter towards his rival, César is convinced that Baptiste has not disappeared but takes advantage of his break with Emma to have a good time. But for Emma, ​​Baptiste would never have been absent without warning towards their son.

Convinced that something is wrong, she goes to see Camille, while the latter is spending time with Kevin in the park. When her sister informs her that Baptiste has been missing since the day before, Camille is seized with a nervous tic in her hands, which Emma notices instantly.

After his departure, Kévin urges Camille to tell him if it is really Baptiste that Jacob intends to kill. Paralyzed, the young girl does not answer him. He then gets carried away and shakes her violently for her to answer him. Frightened, Camille accuses him of being as mean as Jacob and runs away abruptly.

At the police station, Kévin informs Nebout of Baptiste’s disappearance and of Camille’s reaction, who fears the worst as regards the fate of his best friend. Patrick then advises him to make up for it with the young girl in spite of his anger and to make a great declaration of love to her in order to reassure her, and that this one can lead them to Jacob. Otherwise, his friend may perish …

Lola does her first time with Jules

Reassured by Noah’s advice, Lola decides to take the lead with Jules in high school. She reveals to him that she has made progress in math following her advice, and asks him if he would be willing to help her revise after class by going home.

Pleasantly surprised, Jules accepts. Once at home, the two teenagers are quickly distracted from their probabilities exercises by the latent sexual tension between them. Lola then puts on some music and the two of them start kissing and undressing but, shamefully, she shines when taking off her t-shirt.

Jules then suggests to her to stop there for today so as not to rush her. But the young girl reassures him of his desire and the two make love. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, Noah hears music coming from Lola’s and listens to try to hear what is going on between them, to Blanche’s dismay who discovers his son stuck to the wall.

After love, Lola is grateful to Jules for his gentleness, delighted that everyone has been able to express their desires in a consenting way, and could not have dreamed of better for their first time.

After a while, unable to stand it any longer, Noah decides to go to Lola’s, pretending to give her back her double keys. He then discovers Lola and Jules half-naked, dozing in each other’s arms. heartbroken, Noah leaves quietly.

Jean-Paul persists and signs

At Boher’s, Léa confides to her mother and Yolande that the apartment Jean-Paul spotted did not convince her at all during the visit: it is a large disused apartment that served as a squat for two years. , and which must be completely renovated.

If the policeman is totally thrilled by the offer defying all competition and is already looking into it, Léa refuses to move in for their life together, not having had the same crush. His mother and grandmother, who already feel too much at Jean-Paul’s, then offer to organize a dinner to please him and ease any tensions following Lea’s refusal.

But for his part, Jean-Paul continues to dream about the possibilities of layout of the place and begins to make visual models in the office. Glancing at it, Ariane convinces him that it is a good deal and that it would be a shame to miss it.

Back home in the evening, when the three Nebouts welcome him with open arms with the table set for dinner, he makes them a surprise announcement: he has accepted the offer and bought the apartment! Outraged, Lea leaves the premises without saying a word, leaving Jean-Paul crestfallen.

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