Plus belle la vie on Tuesday, October 19, 2021: early summary of episode 4392 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Abdel has been kidnapped, Luna and Sacha continue to investigate Amandine’s disappearance. Franck and Kalya’s marriage is in danger …

Plus belle la vie on tuesday, october 19, 2021: early summary of episode 4392 [spoilers] -...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Abdel was kidnapped

While Abdel is still missing, Boher summons Alison to the police station to show him the CCTV footage of the highway area where he was last seen. They see Abdel being knocked out and then taken away in a white van. So that the police can act freely, Boher asks Alison not to talk about Abdel’s disappearance.

To advance in the investigation, Ariane and Eric go to Abdel’s place to retrieve the young man’s personal belongings, in particular his diary and his computer.

After her interview with Boher, Alison goes to the restaurant but finds an angry Leo there: the young woman forgot that a group of tourists were to come for lunch and that she had to come to work earlier. The former policeman gives him a soap. On edge, Alison returns her apron.

Back home, she announces to Nisma and Bilal that Abdel has been kidnapped. Shortly after, Boher goes to their house in order to question Nisma and thus understand what really happened during the marriage. If the young woman claims to not know Nacer, the uncle of the bride, Boher doubts her story and decides to take her to the station for a more in-depth questioning.

Franck and KALYA’s marriage more in danger than ever

Mr. Mainar, the specialist in white marriages, decided to settle in Celeste in order to investigate the future union of Franck and Kalya. At the hotel, he runs into Laetitia and pretends to be an old acquaintance of Franck in order to learn a little more about the plumber.

She then explains to him that Franck and Kalya fell in love with each other and will soon get married. Mainar then said he was happy for him. He then decides to continue his investigation in Estelle’s living room, where Kalya does the housework. The beautician praises the merits of Kalya to her, and tells her the sordid story of the young woman.

The white wedding hunter then decides to go to Blanche’s place. He pretends to be an agent of the territorial public service in charge of health standards and claims to come to inspect the apartment following a suspicion of lead contamination in the building.

If Blanche is surprised not to have been warned by the trustee, she lets him enter all the same. Franck returns shortly after and finds himself facing Mainar. Angry, Blanche denounces his methods and accuses the man of being a bitter and shabby paper scraper before firing him from her home.

Luna and Sacha lead the investigation

To find out what happened to Amandine, Luna and Sacha ask Caroline, his roommate for help, in order to put pressure on Malet and push him to make mistakes. After much hesitation, the young woman agrees to play the game.

She goes to her home claiming to be Amandine’s best friend and threatens to tell his wife everything if he does not pay € 100,000 to Amandine’s account. Malet asserts that he does not know a young woman named Amandine and kicks Caroline out.

A few minutes later, he leaves his home. Luna and Sacha then decide to follow him. But the man does not seem very disturbed by his meeting with Caroline. The budding investigators decide to go to plan B: they send an email to Malet from Amandine’s email address. He bites on the hook and unknowingly drags Luna and Sacha into abandoned premises in the middle of the forest.

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