Plus belle la vie on Tuesday, October 12, 2021: early summary of episode 4387 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Baptiste is out of the woods, Kévin confesses the truth to Camille. Meanwhile, Kylian defends Betty in high school, and Ash is once again targeted by Malet.

Plus belle la vie on tuesday, october 12, 2021: early summary of episode 4387 [spoilers] -...
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Kevin confesses the truth to Camille

As Baptiste comes to his senses in the hospital and finds Emma with relief, Nebout gives a press conference to announce Jacob’s death. When the journalist from Massilia News asks him to reveal the name of the police officer who allowed his arrest, the commissioner declares that the agent in question wishes to remain anonymous – to the chagrin of Laetitia who would have liked the work of his son and their last name are hailed in the press.

But despite his feat and the fact of having saved his friend’s life, Kévin is anxious. In the evening, Camille comes to his house asking him to host him because she quarreled with her sister. Unable to stand it any longer, Kevin then admits to having manipulated him to manage to stop Jacob and save Baptiste: their romance was false. Camille protests because Kevin cried after they slept together.

The policeman confesses to him that he was in fact upset because he was thinking of Emilie, his ex whom he had to leave to maintain his cover while he loved. He has never been in love with her. Wounded, Camille then declares that he would never have said these words to her if Jacob was still alive.

Everyone is unaware that the man shot by the police was not Jacob but an innocent victim. As Rochat prepares for a ceremony in homage to Napoleon, he explains to Caesar that a man with whom he met offered to participate in the event by offering him the role of the emperor, and that he has to pick it up any minute.

When the man in question shows up at their home, Caesar discovers with horror that it is none other than Jacob, operating under a new identity. Leaving with Rochat, the serial killer turns to Caesar and reassures him: his uncle is not afraid. For the time being…

Kyllian stands up for Betty

In the duty room, Betty accidentally drops a bag of cannabis from her bag. Nathan, who saw the pouch at his feet, asks him to go immediately to the principal. Betty, whose parents threaten to send her to boarding school at the slightest prank, denies and claims that the weed is not hers.

Kylian, who witnessed the scene, steps in and assures him that the weed is his. Nathan is obviously not fooled and takes him to Rochat’s office. Realizing that the teenager is trying to cover for Betty because he has feelings for her, the principal is lenient on his sanction by giving her community service to do.

Malet tries to get rid of Sacha

After failing to be run over in the car the day before, Sacha and Luna try to find out if the white SUV in question was a good match for Malet’s car. Convinced that he is in great danger, Luna locks Sacha in his room at the Celestial.

But Mirta, thinking that the journalist has mistakenly locked himself in due to his blindness, frees him, and Sacha leaves to explore the surroundings. As he stands at the edge of the road, he hears footsteps approaching and a man attempting to push him onto the road. He shouts for help and the man, who is none other than Malet, flees.

Convinced that it was the businessman, Sacha convinces Luna to go spy on Malet in front of his house. When he passes at their level in the street, Sacha recognizes the sound of his footsteps, because one of his heels is missing an iron. According to him, they were mistaken about the identity of Malet’s victim: he did not kill his wife, but did make another person disappear who was bothering him in his affairs. And he is now targeting Sacha …

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