Plus belle la vie on Tuesday, November 9, 2021: early summary of episode 4407 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … Abdel’s disappearance plunges the Mistral into despair. While Laetitia is consumed with jealousy, Betty changes radically.

Plus belle la vie on tuesday, november 9, 2021: early summary of episode 4407 [spoilers] -...
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Abdel infiltrates a jihadist environment

Armed, Jeremy and Francis run to Nisma. She claims to have made a mistake by mistaking an animal for a person. Francis believes her. Jeremy, meanwhile, interprets Nisma’s distress signal as a message to her. He is about to assault her, before being held back by his father, who forces Nisma to take revenge. The young girl punches him in the stomach, while Bilal watches them from afar …

Meanwhile, Imene makes Abdel repeat the biography of his false identity as a jihadist. The next day, he goes to the prayer room, rue des Armuriers, and tries to blend in with the crowd …

Back in Marseille, Barbara is shocked that Nisma has had her brain turned over by the Soubeyrands, unlike Alexandre, who is not surprised. Barbara wants to understand why Nisma feels responsible for Abdel’s death. Alexander encourages her not to let her down. Barbara calls out to Noah to ask him to contact Leila, Nisma’s best friend.

For her part, Alison is preparing to leave for Madrid with her new boyfriend. When Karim realizes this, he denies her. Alison leaves Marseille in the middle of the night, stopped by Barbara, who cannot believe her eyes. Alison declares that she must move forward following the death of Abdel, without knowing that the latter is watching them from afar …

Radical look change for Betty

Kylian makes an appointment with Betty on the Place du Mistral to make her listen to the recording which was posted anonymously on the group of the Seconds of Scotto. We hear Léandri say that Betty is a lost cause. Listening to him, the teenager accepts the challenge. She returns to high school with a new, much more conventional look, explaining to her CPE that she has questioned herself and that she is ready to change. Faced with Léandri’s skepticism, Betty promises her that she will be proud of her.

Later, Léandri attends Blanche’s French class from the hallway. Betty gives a very accurate explanation of Baudelaire’s poem La Charogne. She is congratulated by her teacher. After that, the CPE inquires about Betty from Blanche, who admits to being impressed by her analysis of the text. Léandri thinks that she has learned everything by heart on the Internet, while Blanche believes her pupil to be sincere.

Mouss then asks her boss what she thinks of Betty’s efforts. The CPE thinks it is a masquerade, starting with its new look and its new fragrance.

Laetitia discovers the lie of Valentin and Delphine

All dressed, Delphine asks Laetitia what she thinks of her outfit. The cleaning lady makes her understand that she doesn’t like the way he plays with people. During her break, Laetitia drinks a coffee with Franck. She still can not believe that Valentin and Delphine are getting married when they are, in her humble opinion, not at all made for each other. Later, Laetitia confides in Kevin on this subject: either Valentin agrees to marry Delphine knowing that she has cheated on him, or he agrees to marry her because he ignores her. In that case, she thinks she should tell him.

At Le Celeste, Laetitia overhears a conversation between Delphine and Valentin. The latter is delighted that his fake fiancée still has a chance with Franck. For his part, he thinks he will never get Laetitia back. But Delphine is convinced that the cleaning lady gave her a revealing fit of jealousy earlier in the day. She encourages Valentin to follow through with their idea, by really getting married. Valentin admits that he cannot bring himself to lose Laetitia.

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