Plus belle la vie on Thursday, October 28, 2021: early summary of episode 4399 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … Barbara does not give up, Abdel is still alive. Vidal, him, is still under the spell of his recent meeting. As for Franck and Kalya, they finally regain hope …

Plus belle la vie on thursday, october 28, 2021: early summary of episode 4399 [spoilers] -...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus belle la vie broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

A ray of hope for Kalya and Franck

In Celestial, Laetitia manages to steal Mainar’s black notebook. She discovers there that the investigator does not have enough evidence to annul Kalya and Frank’s marriage. She then hastens to warn the young Malian. She then discreetly puts the notebook back in place.

Kalya later meets Franck at the Mistral. She noticed Mainar watching them through his binoculars. The couple therefore play chilled lovers but they are interrupted by Delphine and Valentin who tell them that they have decided to get married.

If Franck is very surprised by this news, he does not fail to congratulate the fiancés. Delphine then proposes to Franck and Kalya to get married at the same time, to be able to share everything.

While cleaning Valentine’s room, Laetitia comes across her former lover who announces to her that he is going to marry Delphine. Valentin asks him to be his witness, but, surprised, Laetitia does not know what to answer. Valentin takes this hesitation for a “yes”.

For her part, Delphine arrives at Franck’s to make sure of the feelings he has for Kalya. She then asks him if he would agree to be her witness, which surprises Franck a lot. What Laetitia and he do not know is that this marriage is a plot of Delphine and Valentin in order to make them jealous and thus to win them back. But the fake lovebirds are beginning to doubt their plan.

Romain, under the spell of his last meeting

Romain Vidal tells Fanny about his first day of shooting. He confides in her that his partner succeeded in giving him confidence in him, and that she got him out of a panic attack. The doctor takes the opportunity to thank Fanny for having urged him to do the photoshoot. However, he must cut their conversation short to join Karl and his team for the second day of shooting.

The chemistry between Adriana and Romain is as strong as ever. At the end of the photo shoot, the doctor suggests that the young woman go for a drink. Romain takes advantage of their meal together to learn more about the model. He discovers that she comes from Czechoslovakia and that her mother was a doctor, like Romain’s father.

He confides in her that his father is the reason why he chose to become a doctor. Adriana then asks why her father doesn’t practice anymore. Romain announces to her that he is deceased, which greatly affects the supermodel.

As they stroll on the beach, Vidal tells Adrianna that he’s been to Czechoslovakia before. He had to go there for a conference. But on the train, too absorbed in his doctorate, he missed the station and found himself in a small village called Valaska.

A curious coincidence of fate, this is the village in which Adrianna’s grandparents lived and where she spent all her vacations. Unfortunately, Adriana has to put an end to this beautiful moment. The model is due to catch a plane to Milan at 4 p.m.

But before leaving, she places a kiss on the doctor’s cheek and confides to him that it has been a long time since she had felt so light with someone. Fanny, who saw their farewells, pushes Romain to catch up with her but he changes his mind very quickly.

Is Abdel still alive?

The police continue to investigate Abdel’s disappearance and pay another visit to Nasser, Nisma’s uncle, to carry out a new search without much success. At the Marci, Barbara can’t believe everyone is convinced that Abdel is dead.

For her, the lawyer is still alive. Leo thinks the young woman doesn’t want to face the truth. But Barbara believes in her intuition which has never failed her.

Karim visits Alison to tell her that the police have Nisma and Bilal’s report. The young woman is tidying up Abdel’s things. He is surprised to see that the young man kept Samia and Jean-Paul’s wedding photo after their divorce. Karim asks him if he can keep Abdel’s favorite pen and take some clothes of his own.

Meanwhile, Bilal and Nisma learn to master guns with the help of Amber. If the teenager must have struggled to master the machine gun, his sister turns out to be endowed with a natural talent and manages to knock out all the targets.

Barbara later catches Alison throwing away items that belonged to Abdel. The young woman tries to convince Alison that he is still alive, but she refuses to believe it. She is destroyed by Abdel’s disappearance and cannot continue to live in denial. However, Abdel is alive and well… He is tied up in a field and seems in bad shape.

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