Plus belle la vie on Thursday, October 14, 2021: early summary of episode 4389 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Caesar decides to denounce Jacob, Betty makes a repulsive discovery about Kylian. For her part, Nisma asks Abdel for permission to attend a Muslim wedding.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Caesar is kidnapped by Jacob

While Emma and Baptiste are reconciled on the pillow, the latter admits to being relieved that Camille is no longer a burden for Emma. For her part, her sister has found refuge in the Celestial with Jacob, alive and well, who congratulates her on having had the idea of ​​passing off her cousin as him and of sparing him death.

At the police station, Kévin loses his temper with Nebout who tries to cheer him up after his mission to get closer to Camille to trap Jacob has cost him his relationship with Emilie. Furious, he even refuses a promotion offered to him by his superior, wanting to regain his previous life.

Meanwhile, Caesar blames his uncle for not giving any news in the past few days. Very invested in the preparations for the historical reconstruction in homage to Napoleon, Rochat explains to him that he lost his phone. Worried, at the idea that his uncle is being targeted by Jacob, who still poses as the guardian of the Celestial and also participates in the Napoleonic reenactment, he calls Commander Nebout and announces that he has some revelations to give him about the killer. serial.

But while he goes to the police station, Jacob neutralizes him with a taser and locks him in his van …

Betty changes her mind about Kylian

While in high school, Noah and Lola, again together and united, plan to preserve their sexual freedom by forming a free couple, Betty is on a cloud over the idea of ​​giving her letter to Kylian. She decides to use the double of the keys he lent her to put the envelope in her room. Being alone, she then lies down on Kylian’s bed and takes the opportunity to smell the smell of her pillow.

Below, she discovers with amazement a pile of objects hidden under the pillowcase. One of her panties, but also a box with stolen photos of her sleeping, and some old joint butts they shared together with a date written on them. Disgusted, Betty leaves the premises with the letter.

Later, she finds Kylian at the cafe. Thinking that the young girl is about to give him her letter, the teenager is quickly disillusioned when she shows him her “treasure” box. In shock, she accuses him of being a stalker and burns his letter in front of her eyes, asking him not to speak to her again at school.

Abdel refuses that Nisma goes to a wedding

At the Fedala’s, Nisma asks Abdel for permission to attend her cousin’s wedding the next day. Abdel refuses on the pretext that she will miss a day of class, because Muslim weddings take place on Fridays.

Nisma turns on her and accuses her of being intolerant of her religion. Abdel, who is an atheist, justifies himself by saying that he is wary of certain ultra-religious practitioners, because Nisma’s cousin, barely of age, is going to marry a 35-year-old man. After she leaves for high school, Alison confronts Abdel about the real reasons that lead him to refuse his ward to attend this wedding. Abdel concedes that he is wary of religious extremists and fears that Nisma will take bad examples in his future life choices.

But while the young girl decides to override her ban when one of her friends offers her father to take her to the wedding, Abdel, pushed by Alison, comes to apologize to her, and offers to drop her off himself. at the ceremony. On the defensive, Nisma finally accepts.

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