Plus belle la vie on Thursday, November 4, 2021: early summary of episode 4404 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Vidal finally discovers who Adriana is, will Vanessa have the skin of Betty and Mouss? As for Karim, will he succeed in making the one who kidnapped Abdel speak?

Plus belle la vie on thursday, november 4, 2021: early summary of episode 4404 [spoilers] -...
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Nisma adheres to the ideas of the Soubeyrand

Jean-Paul walks away while Karim questions Edouard. He ends up saying that he kidnapped Abdel on the orders of another person. Karim is losing patience and wants to know who it is. After hearing a shot, Jean-Paul joins them. To prevent things from escalating, the lieutenant calms his friend and decides to take Edouard to the police station.

The next day, Jean-Paul and Eric resume the interrogation of Edouard. The latter says he does not know who Abdel is. He just said what Karim wanted to hear to avoid getting hit. Eric then asks Jean-Paul for explanations about the role of Karim.

At the Soubeyrds, Bilal surprises Jeremy watching Nisma in the shower without his knowledge. When he tries to stop it, the young man is strangled and threatened with rape by Jeremy. Bianca later instructs Nisma to detonate a cell phone tower with bombs. As she retrieves the detonator, Nisma expresses doubts, haunted by Abdel’s ghost. But Bianca manages to convince her to go all the way. Done, she congratulates her.

Meanwhile, Barbara asks Fanny if Alexandre has heard from his family. Unfortunately, this has not happened yet, but the waitress at Marci promises her boss to warn her as soon as it does. Fanny also shows compassion for Barbara’s situation, who remains convinced that Abdel is not dead.

During the night, Bilal wakes Nisma. He retrieved the key to the room where they are locked up and suggests that she leave immediately. The teenager realized that the Soubeyrands were dangerous, unlike Nisma, who began to adhere to their ideas. Thus, she affirms that if Bilal wants to leave, she will not follow him …

Romain discovers Adriana’s identity

After the night they spent together, Adriana and Romain wake up in each other’s arms. The doctor appreciates the simplicity of their relationship. Adriana admits that she doesn’t like to take the lead. Without telling him about his illness, Romain says that being a doctor made him realize that life was short and that he should take advantage of it. He then questions her about his job as a model which he finds precarious. At least until the moment when Adriana reveals to him the exorbitant cachet that she won with her last contract. The two lovebirds are then interrupted by Mirta and Laetitia, who have come to bring them a luxury breakfast: croissants, fruit, champagne… Romain is very surprised by all these attentions.

When they finally decide to step outside, the couple stumble upon Mirta, who tries to contain the journalists and photographers in front of the Celestial. Adriana then ends up confessing to Romain that she is famous. Thanks to Mirta, they leave the hotel by an emergency exit. Once alone near the sea, Romain tries to understand why Adriana hasn’t said anything to him. The supermodel explains that she liked to be regarded as an anonymous and that notoriety has often damaged her relationships because men cannot stand the life she leads or the media pressure. Romain, assures him that it does not scare him.

Mouss is humiliated by Léandry

In Scotto, Mouss tries to reason with Betty so that she stops constantly provoking the CPE, who could make heavy decisions against her. But the teenager intends to do as she pleases. Later, Mouss is summoned to Rochat’s office in the presence of Vanessa. He discovers that she has recorded his conversation with Betty. Under pressure from the director, Mouss apologizes to him. Vanessa accepts them but does not stop there. She organizes a class tour to take stock of the relationship between the students and the supervisors. Mouss is forced to say that the address will be de rigueur with him. He must also apologize for suggesting that he did not respect the authority of the CPE. Betty is terribly disappointed. In the evening, at the roommate, Nathan discusses the humiliation he suffered with Mouss. The young man cannot stand Vanessa’s methods. Sabrina then suggests that he himself become a CPE.

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