Plus belle la vie on Thursday, November 11, 2021: early summary of episode 4409 [SPOILERS]…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … Barbara takes more and more risks for Nisma and Bilal. Vanessa faces up to her responsibilities while Sabrina tests Adriana.

Plus belle la vie on thursday, november 11, 2021: early summary of episode 4409 [spoilers]...
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Barbara in danger of death

Barbara tells Abdel that Alison and Karim are at their worst and that Nisma and Bilal have run away. On seeing Ridouane, Abdel panics. Barbara barely saves him by pretending to be a Parisian looking for her way. Ridouane takes Abdel with him. As they walk away, Barbara takes a picture of them.

The next day, Barbara tries to comfort Karim. The latter regrets that she and her son have separated. For his part, Abdel continues his infiltration mission. Ridouane introduced him to Muwaffaq, who had returned from Syria two years ago. He is careful, checking that Abdel is who he claims to be. Thanks to his meticulous preparation, Abdel thwarts one of the traps he sets for him.

Meanwhile, Amber trains Bilal to recognize messages encoded through different symbols. But the teenager is still not convinced by the theories of Soubeyrand. Later, Barbara is spotted by Jeremy. He leads her to the family haunt where Bilal reveals that it is a friend of their killer. Arrived to recover Nisma and Bilal, Barbara runs up against their refusal. Francis then declares a vote between keeping her prisoner or killing her. Everyone votes for death, including Nisma…

Adriana comes to Sabrina’s rescue

Sabrina and Estelle lie in wait for Adriana at the exit of the Celeste to invite her to lunch at the roommate. The top model readily accepts, which surprises Sabrina. During the meal, the latter tries to draw the worms from Adriana’s nose as to her privileges. Adriana is nevertheless very simple and devotes herself to doing the dishes with Nathan. In heaven, the English teacher continues the conversation over a coffee. Adriana explains to him that his physique has not always favored him. When she was little, she was nicknamed the giraffe, which made her very self-conscious.

After that, Adriana learns that Barrault wants to donate the Forgotten premises to another association. She decides to support Sabrina by presenting herself as the new godmother of the association. Barrault immediately denies his plans to the press. Sabrina thanks Adriana, then apologizes for misjudging her.

Léandri resigns

Aware of the slap that Mouss received by Léandri, Nathan and Blanche hope that Rochat will take the necessary measures. When they meet the CPE in the corridor, it tries to justify its act by accusing Mouss of having crossed the line. But Nathan and Blanche are not fooled.

Rochat, for his part, finds no excuse for having resorted to violence. According to Léandri, Mouss accused him of wanting to seduce a student. But the director remains firm on his position. Vanessa decides to resign with immediate effect, then wishes her good luck in replacing her. However, Rochat claims to have the ideal person in mind for the job. Leaving Scotto, Léandri crosses paths with Mouss. The latter apologizes for touching a sensitive point during their last conversation. But he persists in saying that she should take responsibility for her attraction to women, to which Vanessa retorts that he knows nothing about her life.

Later, Rochat offers Mouss to become the CPE of the high school. However, the supervisor prefers to take the time to think about it. In the meantime, he throws Betty’s exclusion file in the trash and encourages her to persevere in class because she has potential.

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