Plus belle la vie on Thursday, April 22, 2021: early summary of episode 4264 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Plus belle la vie on Thursday, April 22, 2021: early summary of episode 4264 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Elsa rejects Revel, Lola has to deal with the extent of her sit-in. At GTS, employees are looking for a way.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Thursday evening on France 3!

Alison follows her instincts and puts herself in danger

Abdel presents Elsa with the results of Alison’s liver biopsy and is angry with his girlfriend for agreeing to do this test which now links organ trafficking to murder. On the contrary, Elsa understands Alison’s approach and doesn’t hold it against her. In court, Revel approaches Elsa in hopes of continuing their last conversation. When he confesses that he dreams of kissing him and making love to him, Elsa slaps him. The incident goes back to the ears of the judge, who is considering a sanction. However, Revel asserts that this is not necessary and claims to be certain that Elsa will return to prison after her trial …

Meanwhile at the Fedala, Karim takes care of Nisma and Bilal. The latter agrees to help him with household chores to learn more about him, convinced that he has not stopped his activities as a boss. Nisma, meanwhile, wears off the reproaches of her best friend Leila. When she meets Jules after school, she explains to him that she cannot kiss him or hold his hand because of Ramadan.

For her part, Alison goes to the cemetery where she observes Christophe Rousseau talking to his deceased wife. When he leaves, Alison places a flower on Chloé Rousseau’s grave, then follows the farmer to his farm. The latter catches her in the act and points a gun at her, forcing her to leave …

Lola defends her cause for Earth Day

Franck answers the call launched by Kylian and goes to camp at the foot of the tree where Noah and Lola are still located, against Blanche’s advice. On site, Franck meets Claire with whom he exchanges his impressions on the ecological commitment of the younger generations. Lola finds it hard to realize the scale of her action and fears that the police will show up, but Noé is there to reassure her. Sacha also goes there to interview him live. Lola defends her cause with passion, so much so that the video is seen by many inhabitants of the Mistral.

GTS is looking for a way

At GTS, Vincent, Céline and Emma think about finding a profitable business for their company. Vincent offers to issue certifications to partner companies, but Emma does not want to risk doing greenwashing. Vincent lines up on his side and wants to hit hard. Celine warns them of the action of Lola, filmed by Sacha, who goes around social networks. This gave them the idea of ​​setting up an eco-tourism agency.

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