Plus belle la vie: “I found it consistent that Djawad would come back for the end of the series”…

Member of the jury for the 2022 edition of the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival, which ends tonight, David Baiot talks to us about his experience as a juror, his return to “Plus belle la vie” on the occasion of the ark “Evasions”, and its projects.

AlloCiné: You are part of the jury for the 2022 edition of the TV Fiction Festival, chaired by Sandrine Bonnaire. Were you honored by this proposal?

David Baiot : Yes, it was first of all a surprise, because I didn’t expect it at all. And a great honor because it doesn’t happen every day. And now that I’ve met the jury, I’m totally thrilled. So many different personalities it’s great. And at the same time we managed to create a kind of sympathetic core, with well-defined and divergent opinions.

What kind of president is Sandrine Bonnaire ?

She is very caring and listens. And she likes to debate and know everyone’s opinions. She manages to bring everyone together under her presidency. It is a pleasure to live this experience by his side.

What do you look for in a work of fiction?

As an actor, of course, I’m going to be a little more attached to a role, a character, an actress or an actor who will make me love this story, more perhaps than a piece of music, a production, or a light. It is this sensitivity that in any case makes it possible for me to give my opinion. But it’s true that by this role of juror I have to pay attention to other things outside of my job as an actor.

Are there any fictions that already stand out?

In what I saw there are many beautiful things, yes. Now we will have to deliberate and fight to assert our desires and decide on the winners (laughs).

It’s been a long time since I came back to La Rochelle, the last time was in 2012 with So be they, and for me it is a very nice gift to be part of the jury of such a rich and varied edition. There are really good fictions. And fictions that we do not expect.

Plus belle la vie I found it consistent that Djawad

David Baiot alongside Sandrine Bonnaire and the rest of the jury for the 2022 edition of the La Rochelle Festival.

You are back in More beautiful life for an event ark entitled “Evasions”. Was it obvious for you to take over the role of Djawad before the end of the series?

For the end of the series, yes, I found it coherent to bring back Djawad. I had been offered to come back several times and I had said no because I did not find it justified. But there, since the series was ending, I said to myself “Yes, my character could come back 5 years later”.

What can you say about this arch?

Not much (laughs). I don’t want to spoiler. But what I can say is that I will also be in the final prime which will be broadcast on November 18th. With a beautiful wedding dress (laughs).

Even if you had left the series for several years, how did you react when you learned of the end of Plus belle la vie?

I was sad, of course. It’s an 18-year adventure, with a family that has been created over the years. And at the same time, all good things come to an end, it has to end one day. And there are lots of great things that will come out of it for everyone, I think.

Will it remain an extremely significant adventure in your career?

Sure. Plus belle la vie was a kind of laboratory for me. The series allowed me to practice, to learn to refine my game, my profession. And I met some great people. I think of my actor friends, Elodie Varlet, my most beautiful meeting on the series, to all the technicians we have come across. We lived together daily, it was very strong.

By the way, I recently had my last day of shooting with them and it was quite sad. But I had the opportunity to really say goodbye to them, because five years ago I left on a whim, without telling anyone. And there I was able to say thank you to them, because it is also thanks to them that I am here.

You’ve been on some great adventures like So be it and Spangled Shrimps. What project remains the most dear to your heart for the moment?

Glitter Shrimp I think. It’s a great adventure, we were able to make two films, what more could you ask for. But it’s hard to choose because So Be It was a wonderful series. When I was offered this during Plus belle la vie, I could only go for it: a series on Arte, on religion. And recently I shot Exterminate All the Brutes with Raoul Peck and Josh Hartnettit was again a great experience.

Could there be a third installment of Glittery Shrimps or a series version?

Honestly, I don’t think so. The second movie didn’t do enough. The first was a hit, but the 2 came out at a time when we were barely coming out of the Covid. And people must have thought they’d seen the first one and the second one was just going to be a rehash.

But we are very happy with this sequel. We’re super proud, we don’t have to be ashamed or blush. It is an important film, which goes further. Maybe it will be seen in time, we hope so anyway.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?

I shot in an episode of The Art of Crime with Nicholas Gob, my partner for Shrimps. And also in The trainee with Michele Bernier that I love. Not in the season which will arrive on France 3 in a few days, but in the following one, which is already filmed.