Plus Belle la vie: how will Patrick Nebout react after his rape? – News Series on TV

In the episode broadcast on April 28, the police commander was sexually assaulted at gunpoint. A sequence that greatly shocked viewers.

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In the older episode aired Wednesday, Patrick Nebout, in hiding with Ariane to investigate a series of burglaries, broke into a house alone and was sexually assaulted by an intruder. Traumatized by this rape, the police commander was unable to speak to Babeth about what had happened, claiming police custody had gone wrong.

In the next episodes, this event will have serious consequences for Nebout. During an arrest with Ariane, he will get stuck in his car, unable to move because of the traumatic flashbacks that assail him. Her colleague, unable to stand up to the delinquent she is trying to challenge, is hit in front of her eyes.

Later, during an interrogation of a young man at the police station, Patrick will again lose his means and have a disproportionate reaction by brutalizing him. Shocked, Ariane, Kévin will begin to suspect that something is wrong with their superior …

According to the site Stars News, Patrick will however succeed in overcoming the weight of his aggression in the next years, and succeed in talking about it to Babeth, his companion. He will then find the courage to resume the investigation into the burglaries he had started, while removing Ariane from the case. So as not to tell him the truth about the rape he suffered?

In parallel with the investigation, Patrick will finally call on a coach to overcome the trauma experienced. A means for the daily newspaper in France to raise awareness of sexual violence, by touching on a taboo subject: that of men who are victims of rape, for whom free speech is all the more difficult as these cases are often neglected, and shame talking about it often prevents victims from filing a complaint.

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