Plus Belle la vie: a “forgotten” character in a plot? Pauline Bression responds

Back in Plus Belle la vie for a dramatic plot, Emma Rimez (Pauline Bression) finds herself confronted with her past when Camille, her young sister who went missing when she was a child, resurfaces in Marseille. A difficult return for Emma, ​​consumed by the guilt of not having been there for her sister, kidnapped for ten years by Jacob, a dangerous manipulator. A terrible ordeal to which will be added a real race against time to save Lucie, the daughter of Jean-Paul, Jacob’s next target …

More beautiful life

More beautiful life

Released on

Aug 30, 2004



More beautiful life

Michel Cordes,
Michel Cordes,
Cecilia Hornus,
Sylvie Flepp,
Laëtitia Milot

If Alice (Mélanie Guth), Emma’s mother, resurfaced for the occasion to support her daughter in this ordeal despite their chaotic relationship – which did not fail to wake up Emma’s old demons towards his mother – viewers saw an unexplained absence: that of Franck Ruiz. He, who raised Emma and sees her as his daughter, is usually a strong presence by her side in times of hardship. So, why didn’t we see him in this plot yet crucial in Emma’s life, resurfacing a past trauma? We were therefore surprised to see Franck at the inauguration of Thomas and Barbara’s new restaurant, but not to be present alongside Emma during this upsetting period.

An absence that is not explained by a deliberate choice due to the unavailability of its interpreter, Jean-Charles Chagachbanian, as sometimes happens on the daily, but by … an oversight in the scenario. “There were small hiccups “, explains Pauline Bression to the site Leisure TV. “Jean-Charles Chagachbanian and I brought up our dissatisfaction. At the end of the plot, I still introduce Franck to Camille and explain to him that he is like my father. I hope it will pass. And subsequently, since there will be one, Franck will be more present for Emma. “ An involuntary oversight that the writers have therefore rectified for the next episodes, in order to compensate for this unexplained absence. No, Franck Ruiz is not a bad father! His interpreter had also shared on his Instagram account a photo of reunion with his fictional daughter last November. A clue of their upcoming reunion on the screen?

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