PlayStation 5: Sony to give gamers first look at new platform

PlayStation 5: Sony to give gamers first look at new platform

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Sony will give gamers their first look at PlayStation 5 during a special event later Thursday.

Fans will finally be able to see a host of titles yet to be announced that are currently under development for the long-awaited platform.

The showcase is one of a series of console updates that Sony will unveil in the coming months.

The Japanese company will broadcast the event live at 20:00 GMT on YouTube and Twitch.

The event was initially scheduled to continue on June 4, but Sony has postponed because of ongoing Black Lives Matter protests in the United States.

All new video games presented at the event will be played on a 4K TV to provide a complete picture of the console’s graphics capabilities.

Players will also hope to see the console’s custom Solid State Drive (SSD) in action.

Sony hopes that loading screens will become a thing of the past, allowing for large-scale open world games without barriers.

“We can reasonably expect to see proprietary software in action from real PS5 hardware,” said Mark Reed, CEO of Heaven Media at the BBC.

“The days of pre-rendered footage and trailers are coming to an end and Sony knows that gamers expect to see real games on real hardware,” he added.

However, the system itself should remain hidden until a later date.

Price point

Sony has sold over 108 million PS4 units worldwide since its launch in November 2013.

Microsoft’s Xbox One, launched around the same time, has sold 49 million units so far.

Timi Ofarn, co-manager of the gaming platform The Nerd Council, told the BBC that the price of PS5 would likely play a key role in determining whether Sony could maintain its market leading position.

“If they repeat past mistakes like the ones they did with the PS3 at launch, we will definitely see a surge in consumer shopping,” Ofarn suggested.

The PS3 hit the market in 2006 at a substantially higher price than any of its rivals and, consequently, had a slower than expected start.

“In the end, however, I think it will depend on the games offered by Sony at the time of launch that we will see a move from Sony to sell Microsoft,” he added.

Until now very little is known about PlayStation 5, apart from Sony which confirms that it will be released at Christmas.

There are growing concerns about the availability of stocks due to the Covid-19 pandemic which slows down production worldwide.

“The demand will be very high for the new hardware,” said Reed. “Stocks could be a problem, but both companies have pledged to launch this year.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said earlier this month that the PS5 would be “the best in the business”.

He said: “Studies, both larger and smaller, newer and more established ones, have worked hard on developing games that will show the potential of the hardware.”

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