PlayStation 5 matches the price of the Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5 matches the price of the Xbox Series X


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Sony has matched the price of its flagship PlayStation 5 to that of the Xbox Series X. Last time, the PS4 was significantly cheaper.

He also confirmed that the “digital edition” of the console – which does not have a disc drive – would cost about 40% more than the low-end Xbox Series S.

Both versions will be released on November 19th in the UK and November 12th in the US, Japan and Australia.

This places them slightly later than Microsoft’s launch date, November 10.

Sony was the undisputed leader in the latest generation of so-called console wars.

The various PlayStation 4 consoles have surpassed the Xbox One range by more than two to one.

But the £ 449 / $ 500 / € 500 cost of its new high-end machine and £ 360 / $ 400 / € 400 of the disc-less one means it could be a tighter battle this time around, at least at first.

Many industry observers believe Microsoft’s combination of a £ 250 price tag for the XBox Series S and the value offered by the Xbox Game Pass subscription service could give the US company an edge.

Microsoft offers members its blockbuster first-party games at launch in its game library, unlike Sony’s existing PlayStation Now services, which are limited to previous major releases.

Sony showed off a new subscription service called the PlayStation Plus collection for PS5.

But it seemed to focus on some of PS4’s biggest hits – including Last of Us Remastered, God of War, and Bloodborne – rather than any of the new PS5 releases.

“Microsoft has a really tempting offer with the Xbox Series S priced at just £ 250, and Sony doesn’t really have an answer to that for people who just want the cheapest possible entry point for next-generation games.” video game journalist Laura Dale told the BBC.

“However, people who want to play any of Sony’s original franchises are unlikely to be affected by Xbox just because it’s cheaper.”

A key difference between the two companies’ strategies is that Microsoft’s next-generation base console will provide lower resolution graphics than its more expensive sibling, while Sony has only chosen to remove the Blu-ray drive from its entry machine. level.

On this basis, its marketers could still argue that it provides a better value offering for the full experience of what next generation console games can offer.

copyright of the imageFinal Fantasy / PlayStation
image captionThe trailer for the new Final Fantasy game said it would only be released on PS5 and PC

Even so, Sony is likely to focus its appeal on mining “console-exclusive” titles for its new machines instead.

To that end, during its latest virtual event it showed trailers and gameplay for:

  • Final Fantasy XVI – the latest installment in the Square Enix series, which this time seems to be set in a medieval world after the latest sci-fi themed title
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – including a long battle with supervillain The Tinkerer on a bridge
  • Deathloop – an assassin-themed shooter where time repeats itself, helping players learn how to best hunt their targets

He also teased his next God of War sequel, Ragnarok, which is rumored to be out next year, but only showed an animated logo.

“It is possible that PS5 has launched three console-exclusive titles before Xbox Series X manages to launch its first – Halo Infinite, with no date in 2021 yet specified,” said Louise Shorthouse, an Omdia game analyst.

“Consumers also tend to keep the same console brands for generations, so Sony is in an incredibly strong position.”

Many of the games on display were premiered at a previous June event.

copyright of the imageWarner Bros / PlayStation
image captionHogwarts Legacy is an open-world game set more than 100 years before Harry Potter was born

But there was also a first look at the much anticipated Harry Potter spin-off Hogwarts Legacy RPG, which will be a cross-platform release in 2021.

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