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Interesting interview with Dembélé in France. Full of good intentions (“The definition? I have to improve it”) and enthusiasm. September is a very Dembélé month: the mistakes of last winter will not be repeated, we will improve in many facets of life, we will not go out as much, we will visit more museums and go to the theater more, we will do exercise tables every morning, we will correct tactical positions, we will defend better , we will not get injured, we will eat vegetables. I mean: this year, yes. For six years, every September the culé fan believed in Dembélé, and that is very good: believing in Dembélé is believing in himself; How are we going to trust ourselves in September if we don’t trust Dembélé?

For many years there was a historical misunderstanding in the madridismo that had to do with Guti. Guti was a player, we were told, to be among the three best in the world. Every time a new galactico arrived at Madrid he came out of the locker room looking pale: “The best is Guti.” This year, yes, we sighed: Guti started and won the Ballon d’Or. Towards the end, when there were six of us left trusting, Guti appeared at the beginning of October on an extraordinary cover in the Marca newspaper: “I am a more human Guti, a football fan and Christian”. He was 33 years old and was becoming a football fan. We were waiting for Guti without knowing that Guti’s essence consisted of the sublime, the interruption, the 40 minutes that he gave away whenever he felt like it; Guti told us in the field throughout his career that he was not September, although that month he appeared in Valdebebas with round glasses like “this year I am going to attend to the blackboard”, but June, when you notice that you have not been on a diet, You’ve gone out more than ever, you’ve started smoking hamburgers again, and you’re starting off the summer with a clean heel because you’re going to shit yourself in order to stay in the convent.

No, it is not going to be Dembélé’s year. He may have a great year, but it will never be his year. He’s not even going to be Guti, although he has the conditions to be whatever he wants. The best we can do with ourselves is the best we can do with Dembélé: not rely on expectations but on facts, at times settle for our happy and incorrigible nature, continue giving ourselves homework to tell later that the dog ate them, and dedicate ourselves to believe that in September things will change that will never change. There is expectation in things that are new, in things that are going to be released and we don’t know how they will turn out, like Messi in that friendly with Juve or the day when Zidane sat on the bench and if they told us that we were going to win three Champions in a row we fall on our asses.

At that time, nothing was known about Zidane as the coach, neither his boards nor his methods were known. That was like putting a monument on the bench. The day of his debut there were people at the Bernabéu who began to murmur when the ball was lost on the wing and the divine Frenchman could control it. It was the hum that filled the stands when the 5th had a great day or Guti, who when he was good was the best, would take a stuntman out onto the field to pretend to be him because the weather was bad, the rival was Numancia or whatever. . The buzz of “Dembélé is coming”, but in reality what is coming, and what we have ahead of us, is September. And although we know where good resolutions end, we like to think that not this year.

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