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In such a great year for video games, a lot of titles flew under the radar. Those games become hidden gems, and this month, Lordknot One of the best you can find. It launched on November 16 with little fanfare, and that’s a shame. I enjoyed its Steam Next Fest demo a few months ago, and having now played the game following its launch, it’s become one of my favorite indies of the year.

In Lordknot, players control an interstellar janitor who arrives on the ocean planet of GUP-14 to clean up all the trash and mess left behind by his employer, GUPPI Corporation. It’s a simple game about cleaning up and being mindful of the mess you leave behind, and Moon Lagoon finds surprisingly gratifying gameplay loops to reinforce that premise and theme. As a relaxing game that’s just as fun to play via Steam Link or Steam Deck as it is on PC, Lordknot An indie hidden gem to check out during the holidays.

cleaning up the mess you made

After reaching GUP-14, I had to slowly but surely help the natural flora and fauna – be it the fruit-bearing plants to the aquatic Lodal animals that are the name of the game – by cleaning up the toxic filth and picking up Take back this planet from the trash that litters beautiful landscapes. Lordknot’s The retro 3D art style is perfect for this setup, as the minimal detail of each object always makes it clear which things are poisonous and alien and need to be removed even from a distance. And once all the mess is cleaned up, Lordknot Could be quite a beautiful game.

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Lordknot Technically it’s about how it’s almost always up to workers to clean up the mess left by negligent corporations. Although this is a very disappointing assumption, Lordknot It also becomes a meditative and positive experience, highlighting the impact they have on the planet they live on, with a care that megacorporations do not. It tasked me with actively participating in what I found to be one of the most satisfying gaming experiences of the year.

Player cleans up mess in Lodenaut
incognito mode

people who have played powerwash simulator Discover the basic satisfaction that can come from gently removing grime from a surface that you know is beautiful underneath. Lordknot Offers a more science-fiction approach to that idea. The gameplay loop essentially consists of me exploring a new area that I have to clean, picking up as much trash as I can and collecting as much as I can until my inventory is full. Return to your home base to recycle the waste made, use the resources from it to upgrade your abilities and craft new gadgets, and repeat this process until one of the areas of GUP-14 It may not be clear.

Meanwhile, there is a completely optional ladle raising system where players can find dirty ladles while exploring, clean them, and feed them so they grow up. Lordknot’s Runtime is short; Took me about four hours to beat. I felt like I was making meaningful progress every minute I played, which made the adventure enjoyable from start to finish.

Lordknot It also lacks a true failsafe, as there are no enemies, and I was sent back to home base due to running out of oxygen and dropped a few things that I had to go back and clean up. Oxygen depletes slowly, and it is easy to build a recharge ring that can refill oxygen levels, however. Lordknot Have a stress free adventure. I picked up trash until I ran out of inventory space and then returned home to recycle it, an extremely mindful process. This ensured that the game was enjoyable no matter where I played it, whether it was PC, on my phone with Steam Link, or Steam Deck.

Riding on Lodenot to clean up the mess
incognito mode

Valve has not officially confirmed Lordknot Not for Steam Deck yet, but I tested it on Valve’s handheld. Although the main menu requires a touchscreen to function correctly, once you’re in the game, there are no significant issues. It’s a relief because Lordknot It is perfect for playing by hand as it can easily be played in short bursts but still give the feeling that meaningful progress has been made in one session. It’s not a very intense game, so it’s perfect for relaxing and playing on the steam deck, perhaps while you hang out with family or friends and relax after Thanksgiving dinner.

Even if you’re not celebrating that holiday this week, Lordknot It’s still a hidden gem of indie that will appeal to those who like games with simple but satisfying charm. powerwash simulator, After such a busy year for video games, I’ve come to appreciate games like this Jucent And it has a charming aesthetic, is fun to play, and allows me to decompress and think about nothing but what’s on the screen in front of me. While you may not have heard LordknotYou must be.

Lordknot Now available for PC.

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