Platonic on OCS: what is the romantic comedy worth about modern relationships? – News…

Written and directed by Camille Rosset (“Irresponsible”) and Elie Girard (“All the boys and girls”), “Platonic” explores the injunctions to the couple through the journey of two recently separated friends who decide to settle down together.

Platonic on ocs: what is the romantic comedy worth about modern relationships? - news...
Camille Rosset/Elie Girard/Antoine Parouty

What is it about ?

Unhappy as a couple, Yann and Elsa leave their respective spouses to settle together in friendship, of course… At 35, the 2 best friends find themselves in a roommate. A nice throwback? Yes, even weeks. Because the odd weeks… their kids arrive. Between regained celibacy and family-friendship, Yann and Elsa hope to find the perfect balance. But can we really be a family with friends?

Platonicfrom May 5 at 8:40 p.m. on OCS – 10 x 22 minutes

Who is it with?

Camille Rutherford (Congratulations) and Maxence Tual (seen in Magnetics and A woman of the world) make up this blended couple of friendsunder the amused eye of their friends, played by Allison Chassagne (Derby Girl, HashtagBoomer) and comedian Edgar-Yves Monnou. As for their respective exes, they are camped by Baptiste Lecaplain (Pitch, Rebecca) and Josephine de Meaux (The Little Flakes).

Well worth a look ?

If OCS had succeeded in offering a real generational drama carried by its creator and performer Agnes Hurstel in Young and golri in 2021, this new proposal seems lukewarm in comparison despite its promising subject matter.

Through the choice to show two longtime friends leaving their respective spouses at the same time and moving in together on a whim, Platonique questions the reasons that make a couple last – complicity, communication – and its difficulties: children, fidelity, the wear and tear of time.

Obviously, the fusional friendship of the two protagonists is obvious, and the difficulties of acclimatization of the beginnings of their cohabitation will quickly give way to a more mature and stable relationship… To the point of ending up falling into the arms of the each other?

Without revealing too much, the series finds its tone and a certain charm over the episodes written and directed by Camille Rosset (co-screenwriter ofIrresponsible and HPtwo other comedies made in OCS) and Elie Girarddirector to follow after the César award for his short film The Bad Boys This year.

Platonic on ocs: what is the romantic comedy worth about modern relationships? - news...

Light dramedy with a touch of mumblecore (a movement of American independent cinema characterized by low-budget films often dealing with characters in their thirties and their relationships) the series sometimes turns out to be funny thanks to the slaughter of its supporting roles – the earthy Baptiste Lecaplain in the lead – but also raw and directly in his discourse on sex and gender deconstruction.

A representation of love and relationships which aims to be resolutely modern, but which lacks real breath and above all rhythm, stretching its pitch too long. As for the various gags around parenthood and sex life, they lack a real grain of madness and, failing that, originality.

As for the two main performers, as nice as they are, it’s hard to get attached to them as they border on the clichés of the “bad mother” (Elsa is distant with her son, unable to become attached in love and combines partners ) and the loser husband who feels bad about himself (Yann can’t manage to impose himself in his couple and has never managed to have an orgasm).

An inversion of gender stereotypes brought rather awkwardly, fortunately caught up by the tender development of the characters over the episodes.

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