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It is undeniable that as a society we have a huge plastic problem, and this is something that will only be resolved if we all make a conscious effort to reduce our consumption of single use plastic. That’s why we’re supporting Plastic Free July this year – we want to eliminate plastic from our lives and hopefully help you do the same, with information on where to buy and which brands to buy.
We also want to thank the individuals and businesses who are doing their part, whether it’s creating innovative plastic-free products and packaging or offering expert advice and tips on how to make your lifestyle more sustainable, with our Plastic Free Awards 2020.

Best food delivery packaging


DabbaDrop is all about curry with a conscience. You sign up for weekly or nightly deliveries and you’ll receive a regularly changing selection of vegetarian curries, dal, rice, and roti, all made with fresh, quality ingredients. With your first delivery you will also receive a reusable tiffin box for an additional £ 15 – every time you receive a new delivery you simply return your old (clean!) Tiffin box and keep exchanging it. You can even use it as a lunch box between deliveries.

The most innovative toilet solution


There is an awful lot of plastic in tampons and tampons – there are nine applicators for every mile of beach in the UK and a disposable tampon can take up to 800 years to biodegrade. Now, thanks to innovative new brands, you can still use tampons and tampons and be environmentally conscious. DAME created the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, made from medical grade Mediprene. It works with all sizes of tampons and you just need to rinse it after use.

Best plastic-free resource

Plastic freedom

Founded by Beth Noy after she began to hate the amount of plastic she was forced to buy, Plastic Freedom is a one-stop shop for plastic-free products. The site brings together a ton of plastic-free brands, covering everything from makeup and housewares to food, in one place and ships everything without plastic packaging. Beth also provides tips and advice on her favorite products and how to start making swaps on your own.

Best plastic-free store

Bulk market

Set up by Ingrid Caldironi and Bruna Martins, Hackney Bulk Market offers a range of dried produce, baked goods, eggs, and unpackaged fresh fruits and vegetables, most of which are organic and sourced from within 50 miles of the store. You can also bring containers to fill with natural and organic cosmetics, such as mineral clays, essential oils, natural waxes, and dried flowers, to the DIY Beauty Bar. All of these ingredients can be mixed together to create a line of beauty products.

Best sustainable swimwear

Stay wild swim

Stay Wild is helping fight the plastics plague in our oceans with its eco-friendly swimwear made from a genius little thing called ECONYL®, a yarn made from reclaimed fishing nets collected from the ocean as well as other scrap materials, which are made into high quality fabric.

Best Conscious Fashion Brand

Mono Lab

Hackney-based Labo Mono brand makes waterproof jackets using 30 recycled plastic bottles and an eco-friendly water repellent coating. The jackets have all the technical elements you need for city living, including hidden pockets, breathable fabric, taped seams and zippers.

Best buys for your kitchen

Silicone lids

Clingfilm undoubtedly has its uses in the kitchen but it cannot be recycled so every time you wrap food in it it ends up in the trash. These Green Island Silicone Lids are a great alternative – made from food grade silicone, they can stretch over a variety of different shaped items to create an airtight seal, keeping your food fresher Longer. They can even be used safely in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher, so that’s a triple win.

Made by Green Island

Plastic-free ambassador

Sophie tait

Trying to reduce your plastic consumption is harder than it looks and it can be a bit difficult to know how and where to start. This is where a site like Trash Plastic comes in handy. Managed by Londoner Sophie Tait, it’s an incredible resource for sustainable whole-home exchanges, with everything from plastic-free dental care to pet food and kitchen items. If you are seriously considering switching to plastic without plastic, Trash Plastic will be of great help to you.

Readers’ Choice Award

Surfers against sewage

After starting as a grassroots movement in Cornwall to tackle the problem of raw sewage in the ocean, Surfers Against Sewage has grown into one of the UK’s most active environmental charities. The organization is working to clean up the country’s beaches and now tackling plastic pollution is its top priority, which it is doing both locally and nationally through beach cleanups, school programs, the campaign. for deposit return systems and plastic bag fees, and lobbying the government, and they have so many ways to get you involved to help create change.

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