Plan B: who is Kim Higelin, the revelation of the TF1 series?  - News Series

Plan B: who is Kim Higelin, the revelation of the TF1 series? – News Series

Worn by Julie de Bona, the series “Plan B”, which begins this evening on TF1, also reveals Kim Higelin, who bursts the screen in the role of Lou, a teenager badly in his skin. And this young actress is none other than Jacques Higelin’s granddaughter.

François LEFEBVRE / Gaumont / TF1

After The Promise, I promise you, Gloria, or the HPI phenomenon, which continues to be a hit every Thursday, TF1 is launching a new event series this evening at 9:05 p.m., Plan B, which skilfully mixes upset family drama and science fiction since its heroine, Florence, played by Julie de Bona, goes back in time to prevent a tragedy from happening.

This drama is the suicide of his daughter, Lou, a teenager marked by a deep discomfort who ends up putting an end to her life without Florence having seen the slightest warning sign. Unable to live without her daughter, this star radio host will be offered the opportunity to go back in time thanks to the Plan B agency. An opportunity that she will obviously seize, in order to save her daughter and to understand what is happening. she missed. But by changing the past, can Florence really mend Lou’s wound and give him a future?

If Plan B is a success, it is above all for the emotion that emerges from the screenplay and for its great range of actors, led by Julie de Bona (Le Bazar de la charité), Bruno Debrandt (Cain), Axel Auriant (Skam France), Tom Leeb (Infidèle), Cécile Rebboah (The Red Bracelets), and Kim Higelin, the revelation of the series, who bursts the screen in the role of Lou.

As her name suggests, Kim Higelin is indeed the granddaughter of singer and actor Jacques Higelin, who died in 2018 at the age of 77. Daughter of the director Kên Higelin and niece of the singers Arthur H and Izïa Higelin, Kim has therefore always been immersed in an artistic universe which certainly predestined her for this very nice start to her career in Plan B, which constitutes her first major role in a fiction. , only 20 years old.

But no question for the young actress to be boosted to land the role of Lou, as she confided to the Parisian : “I had a three-round casting, like everyone else. (…) My surname is only a surname. It has never represented anything special, extraordinary or extraordinary. amazing to me. It’s just my family. And I’ve never been made easier or more complex because of that “.

François LEFEBVRE / Gaumont / TF1

Kim Higelin admits having developed a passion for comedy very early on. “When I was 4, I watched The Little Mermaid on repeat and did the dubbing again”, she admits amused to our colleagues. “And at 8 years old, I wrote little plays and I summoned the whole family to play them in front of them”.

Once her literary baccalaureate in her pocket, she first turned to studies in foreign languages, but soon enough ended up giving up in favor of acting lessons, which she paid for with a small job as a waitress (“That’s really what I wanted to do. It allowed me to have my independence and to work in comedy on the side”).

Courses that quickly bear fruit since Kim Higelin makes appearances in the Skam France and Alexandra Ehle series, before landing a role in Clèves in 2020, an Arte TV movie still unseen to date directed by Rodolphe Tissot and adapted from the novel. eponym of Marie Darrieussecq.

The same year, Kim Higelin shot Plan B for TF1. And as will be able to discover it this evening the televiewers of the One, the interpreter of Lou already seems promised with a very bright future on television, in the cinema, or on the boards.

Because Kim Higelin, who goes through all the emotions during the six episodes of the series, between intense crack, rage, despair, and lighter moments, radiates completely in the role of this teenage girl badly in her skin who did not know how to call help. And whose complex and conflictual relaxation with his mother constitutes the beating heart of Plan B.

The Plan B trailer, which starts tonight on TF1 and is already available in full on Salto:

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