Plan B on TF1: what is the series with Julie de Bona worth against a backdrop of time travel?  - News Series on TV

Plan B on TF1: what is the series with Julie de Bona worth against a backdrop of time travel? – News Series on TV

Worn by Julie de Bona, Bruno Debrandt, Kim Higelin, and Axel Auriant, the “Plan B” series begins this Monday evening on TF1. An intimate drama tinged with moving SF, about the struggle of a mother who goes back in time to save her daughter.


In Marseille, Florence, in her early forties, has a busy life between her ex-husband and her two children, her job as a radio host and her involvement in the cause of women. But her world falls apart when Lou, her 16-year-old daughter, commits suicide. This fighter did not know how to take the measure of the ill-being of her daughter. Lou is dead. And Florence won’t be able to change that. Unless … When Florence is put in contact with the Plan B agency, a company that allows you to travel through time, she may have a second chance …

Every Monday at 9:05 p.m. on TF1 from May 17, and already available in full on Salto. 6 episodes seen out of 6.


After The Killer of the Lake, Love at first sight at Christmas, and the phenomenon series Le Bazar de la charité, Julie de Bona finds TF1 for this new fiction event in which she plays Florence, a mother of a family and radio star host who will try everything to prevent the suicide of her daughter and understand the reasons for her discomfort.

At his side, front page viewers will find Bruno Debrandt (Cain, Engrenages) in the role of Florence’s ex-husband, as well as Axel Auriant (Skam France) and the revelation Kim Higelin in the skin of their two children. , Félix and Lou.

A shock quartet, which offers a very beautiful dramatic intensity to Plan B, to which are added faces well known to the general public, such as Cécile Rebboah (Fais pas ci, faire pas ça, Itinerary of a robber mom), Tom Leeb (Unfaithful), Claire Borotra (The Blue of the Ocean, The Clear-Eyed Vengeance), Firmine Richard (The First Star, Mortal), and young Tom Rivoire in a role far removed from his character in the Red Bracelets.

François LEFEBVRE / Gaumont / TF1


Five years after the success of Elise’s Secret and its intrigue haunted by the ghost of a girl, but also the stop after only two episodes of Emma, ​​worn by Solène Hébert (Tomorrow belongs to us) as an android cop, TF1 is trying again the genre series with Plan B, a great success that skilfully combines family drama and science fiction, since the main spring of the story is based on the notion of time travel.

Adapted from a Quebec anthology format that features new characters and a new plot each season – this is season 2 of the Canadian series which is transposed by screenwriters Laura Piani and Hélène Bararuzunza – Plan B is, on the paper, a rather daring bet for TF1 which dares science fiction as a bonus, while the genre, whether SF or fatastic, can still cool, even today, a part of the public resistant to spaceships and other little men green.

But don’t panic, SF is only present in small touches in Plan B and even ends up fading behind the real heart of the plot, namely the complicated mother-daughter relationship between Florence and Lou, and the attempt the heroine’s desperate to save her daughter. Because the travel in time of Florence is ultimately only a pretext allowing the character played by Julie de Bona to wonder what she could have missed so that her daughter came to end her life.

Without investigation or thriller, the writers of Plan B manage to weave a breathtaking story that constantly surprises (we sometimes wonder where the series seeks to take us, and this is a very good thing, quite rare in television finally). And which gains in emotional strength over the episodes. Treating with accuracy themes as diverse as the discomfort of adolescents, transmission, or even, through Florence, the complexity of being at the same time a mother, a woman, a wife, and an accomplished professional and fulfilled in her life. job.

François LEFEBVRE / Gaumont / TF1

Already stunning in The Bazaar of Charity and Learning to Love You, Julie de Bona finds here what could well be the best role of her career so far and proves to be overwhelmingly true from the beginning to the end of the series. . Facing her, Kim Higelin bursts the screen for her first major role and goes from one emotion to another with a disconcerting ease which already seems to promise her a very bright future on television or in the cinema.

The intensity that emerges from the many scenes shared by the two actresses alone deserves to be carried away by Plan B, and this heart-wrenching mother-daughter relationship is, without a doubt, the main asset of the film. series. Even if the other actors are not left out, like Cécile Rebboah, always just as fair, Bruno Debrandt, who we find in a more fragile register that fits him like a glove, or Axel Auriant, who shows a naturalness in the game quite rare among actors of his age.

Despite a first episode which certainly takes a little too long to lay the foundations of the plot (and which, we hope, will not discourage viewers), Plan B easily establishes itself as one of the French series most exciting of recent months.

A nice bet which, unlike HPI, really leaves the beaten track and the comfort zone of TF1. And put everything on the emotion that emerges from the story, the characters, and the dialogues. With the culmination of the last two episodes, formidable efficiency, which, by questioning the consequences that a modified past can have on the future, multiply the emotional twists and uppercuts with high tear potential.

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