Plan B on TF1: what has happened to Tom Rivoire since Les Bracelets Rouges?  - News Series

Plan B on TF1: what has happened to Tom Rivoire since Les Bracelets Rouges? – News Series

“Plan B”, the new event series of TF1 with Julie de Bona, continues this evening with two new episodes. And viewers may have recognized Tom Rivoire, alias Clément in “The Red Bracelets”, in the role of Enzo.

Philippe Le Roux / VEMA / TF1

Launched last Monday on TF1 and adapted from the eponymous Quebec series, Plan B follows the race against time of Florence (Julie de Bona), a star radio host who sees her world crumble when her daughter, Lou (Kim Higelin), commits suicide. So when she is offered the opportunity to return to the past to save her, Florence does not hesitate for a second. Regardless of the consequences.

Around the two heroines of this event series which oscillates between family drama and science fiction, TF1 viewers find many familiar faces of the small screen such as Bruno Debrandt (Cain), Axel Auriant (Skam France), Tom Leeb (Infidèle) , Cécile Rebboah (Do not do this, do not do that), and Claire Borotra (The Vengeance with clear eyes). But also Tom Rivoire, one of the young actors of the Red Bracelets, in a role against employment.

Far from Clément, the optimistic and combative teenager he played from 2018 to 2020, during the three seasons of the remake of the Spanish fiction inspired by the true story of Albert Espinosa, who had to face cancer during a much of his youth, Tom Rivoire here plays Enzo, Lou’s boyfriend.

A bad boy with peroxidized hair who behaves more and more badly with the teenager over the episodes, even going so far as to be violent with her. A toxic relationship that will quickly arouse the concern of Florence, who will do everything to open Lou’s eyes and push her to leave Enzo. But isn’t her daughter’s discomfort much deeper than that yet?

François LEFEBVRE / Gaumont / TF1

Revealed in 2011, at the age of 11, thanks to The War of the Buttons by Yann Samuell, in which he camped Grangibus, Tom Rivoire continues his little way and has not been idle since the end of season 3 of the Red Bracelets . After Plan B, we will soon find him in L’île aux 30 cercueils, a new adaptation of Maurice Leblanc’s novel currently filming for France 2.

A six-part series developed by Elsa Marpeau (Captain Marleau) and Florent Meyer with the cast of Virginie Ledoyen, Charles Berling, Stanley Weber, Jérémy Gillet, Dominique Pinon, and even Jean-François Stévenin.

As for the fans of the Red Bracelets, they will have to be right: if the series ends up returning to TF1, Tom Rivoire, just like his little comrades Audran Cattin, Louna Espinosa, or Azize Diabate, should no longer appear in the credits since the eventual season 4, in development for over a year, will introduce a new generation of characters.

The Plan B trailer, which continues tonight on TF1:

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