Plan B on TF1: the end of the series explained by Julie de Bona [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Plan B on TF1: the end of the series explained by Julie de Bona [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

The finale of “Plan B”, broadcast this evening, ended on a final ambiguous stage, open to interpretations. Did Florence survive? Or did she die knowing she was able to save her daughter? Julie de Bona deciphers this outcome for us.

François LEFEBVRE / Gaumont / TF1

Worn by Julie de Bona, Kim Higelin, Bruno Debrandt, and Axel Auriant, the Plan B event series ended this evening on TF1 at the end of a final shock which multiplied the twists and certainly did not fail to arouse surprise among viewers.

After returning to the past several times in an attempt to prevent her daughter’s depression and her terrible suicide, Florence (Julie de Bona) learns that she has cancer and discovers that Lou (Kim Higelin) has, too, calls on the company Plan B to go back in time and try to save it in turn.

Thus giving birth to shocking sequences in the form of flashbacks during which Lou tells her mother that, in another version of reality, she ended up succumbing to her blood cancer. Scenes that are very difficult to shoot for Julie de Bona.

“When it was necessary to enter the cold room, I could not”, explains the actress in reference to the scene where we discover that her character died of Hodgkin’s disease. “I’ve collapsed before. The whole cancer storyline was very difficult to play out. I had a hard time projecting myself into it. These are things I don’t play with.”.

“And I almost forgot that I was going to have to go through that, because Plan B talks about so many other things. For me it was a passage. Because it’s a mistake she made. She forgets the woman in her, and she makes her sick. You can’t sacrifice a part of you, you’re bound to get sick, that’s what the series says through this element of the plot. And I find that beautiful . The message is super beautiful, but when it was necessary to shoot it, it was very difficult “.

And although the very end of the series is quite ambiguous, Julie de Bona sees, again, a very beautiful message in each of the possible interpretations. Indeed, after showing us Florence in the OR, before her last-ditch operation, the final scene of Plan B follows Lou outside, at the time of the eclipse, who slips through the middle of the crowd and does not wear Protective glasses. Happy to be alive.

But will Florence wake up after her operation? Or did she die knowing that in the end she was able to save her daughter and fulfill her initial mission?

François LEFEBVRE / Gaumont / TF1

“Everything is in the subtlety of the fade to black. I spoke about it with the editor (laughs)”, says Julie de Bona. “There are several possible interpretations, and what is great is that we all have a different vision. When I saw the Quebec version, I went all the way because I needed to know if I could do it, I needed a strong message at the end, I needed to be in tune with the message of the show. And we spend five episodes following this woman trying to save her daughter, and at the end you learn that it is the girl who saves her mother. It turned my belly upside down, I wasn’t expecting that at all “.

“So the first thought I had was ‘Ok, Lou saved her, otherwise it just doesn’t make sense’, continues the interpreter of Florence. “But then, a second reading occurred to me. Because as the producer pointed out to me, it’s not all about that. It’s also” One death for a life “.

“You try to change the life, you try to save your daughter who died, you go back, and so someone has to die to make up for it all. When you read it like that, it’s hard. Florence sacrifices herself. But in the end, if you think that she dies, for me she won. Because thanks to Lou’s return in time, she dies serene, saying to herself that she saved her daughter. Because, after her death Lou, will make it out, she offers him a future “.

So it’s up to everyone to choose the ending they want to give to Plan B and the history of Florence. But anyway, it is on a note of hope that this very beautiful series closes because, in all possible scenarios, Lou is doing well and heading towards a bright future.

The Plan B trailer:

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