Pixel 6 Pro photo and video samples leak via a very unlikely source

Pixel 6 Pro photo and video samples leak

  • A YouTuber has obtained Pixel 6 Pro photo and video samples.
  • The samples come from a source in Nigeria, but Google has never launched Pixels in Africa.

We’ve seen a slew of Pixel 6 series details surface in recent months, in large part due to Google itself. But the upcoming flagships have also been the subject of many leaks, and we’ve got another significant leak today.

YouTuber M Brandon Lee of This is Tech Today obtained a video of the Pixel 6 Pro via a source in Nigeria, showing off a subtly curved screen (skip to 1:57). Lee’s source was also able to offer a variety of images (4:46) and a few videos taken with the Pixel 6 Pro itself.

Pixel 6 pro photo and video samples leak
Pixel 6 pro photo and video samples leak

It’s worth noting though that the camera app seems to be pre-production software that’s lacking a variety of previously leaked features. So we’d expect more modes and improved image quality with commercial devices.

What about image quality?

Aside from the pre-production nature of the software, judging image quality via a video is a bit of a challenge too. Nevertheless, the pictures do seem to show wide dynamic range, a good level of resolvable detail, and colors that don’t appear to take the oversaturated route.

Metadata from the 1X photos also show that the images are 12.5MP in size. This is coincidentally the pixel-binned resolution from a 50MP sensor. We also get confirmation of an f/1.85 aperture for the primary shooter. Otherwise, Lee notes that the ultra-wide camera’s metadata points to an f/2.2 aperture and a 12.5MP resolution as well.

The source also shared 1080p/60fps video samples with the YouTuber, but these clips don’t seem to be anything special compared to prior Pixels.

As for the fact that this leak comes from Nigeria? We’re guessing Lee went to some great lengths to protect the source because the leaker is either associated with Google or a carrier partner (rather than an enthusiast who somehow bought an early unit).

Google has never officially launched any Pixel phones on the African continent though, and it doesn’t seem like that will change with the Pixel 6 series. So it stands to reason that it didn’t come via a carrier employee. It’s also worth noting that I’ve previously seen South African Googlers with Pixel phones in the past, even though the phones weren’t officially released here.

What do you think of the Pixel 6 Pro’s leaked image samples? Let us know via the poll above.

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