Pixar: the 5 most beautiful short films from the studio

Pixar: the 5 most beautiful short films from the studio

From “La Luna” to “Lou” via “Lava”, here are 5 jewels from Pixar studios that last less than 10 minutes (to be discovered on Disney +) …

Pixar Animation Studios
  • These films are available on Disney +

LA LUNA (2011)

From 6 years old

Before being entrusted with the production of the next feature film Pixar (expected in our theaters next June), the filmmaker Enrico Casarosa had to prove himself in 2012 by directing the short film supposed to be screened just before Rebelle. The result: La Luna. A small tale imbued with poetry, centered on the family and on the theme of transmission, in which a young star sweeper left to clean the sky with his father and grandfather. The opportunity for the transalpine director to address a moving tribute to his roots, while waiting to leave to explore Italy more in depth with Luca, which will be released on June 23, 2021.

La Luna

From 3 years

What if that little 7 minute diamond was simply … the best short film produced by Pixar studios? After having again savored this masterpiece by Teddy Newton until the very last second, we are indeed tempted to award it the palm, and we can in any case say without the slightest risk of being mistaken that level of inventiveness, originality and efficiency, Jour Nuit breaks all records. In 2010, before presenting the Toy Story 3 monument to us at the cinema, Pixar studios had therefore decided to begin to amaze us by telling us the adventures of two characters unlike any other: one dedicated to sunny days, the other to nightlife. This pure concentrate of animation, where the two cartoony heroes – animated in the old fashioned way – find themselves serving as settings (and screens) for a universe in CGI, is a wonderful synthesis of all the talent that smolders in the world. small Pixar lamp bulb.

Day Night

LAVA (2015)

From 6 years old

Just before discovering Riley’s emotions in Vice Versa, the artists from Pixar studios invite us to explore those of a lonely volcano, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no one to share his life with. Cradled by a little ukulele tune, behind the apparent simplicity of this adorable tale, hides a powerful love story. Lava is an ode to patience and perseverance that should bring a smile to anyone who feels like they have been waiting for a soul mate for millions of years.


LOU (2017)

From 6 years old

After explaining to us what our toys were doing when your back was turned, Pixar decided to take an interest … in a box of found objects. As always in the short films of the famous studio, we find ourselves here faced with a concept of formidable effectiveness, and which behind a comic envelope conceals totally unsuspected treasures of emotion. Indeed, how can we imagine that this funny tug-of-war between a schoolyard bully and a pile of rags is actually … one of the most profound short films in the history of the studio?


BAO (2018)

From 6 years old

As Enrico Casarosa in La Luna or Sanjay Patel in Sanjay and his super team, director Domee Shi takes advantage of her first short film at Pixar studios to address a vibrant tribute to her origins, while evoking her relationship with her mother. Aired before The Incredibles 2, Bao is a new animation lesson, which succeeds the crazy bet – in less than 7 minutes and without a single line of dialogue – to explore a subject as vast and complex as that of motherhood. Here again, it’s hard to imagine when you discover this Chinese mother and the little ravioli she decides to adopt, which we are about to take out the handkerchiefs.


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