Pivot Portable Lamp has Modern Candle Charm in Metallic Accents

Pivot portable lamp is designed by &Tradition, a Copenhagen-based brand that deals with furniture, lighting, and other interior objects. The battery-powered lamp is crafted to alleviate the ambiance of your house without disturbing the surroundings. It demands less space and can be positioned in any corner of the house. The lamp emanates a mellow light, creating a welcoming and charming atmosphere. It exudes the charm of a contemporary candle in metallic accents.

The Pivot Portable lamp has a delicate and geometrical design with a lustrous finish. The material used is powder-coated iron and mirror-polished steel which contributes to its flexible and reflecting design. It comes with an included LED bulb and has a long battery life that can last an entire day on a full charge.

The lampshade is angled at 45 degree on the base to disseminate soft light and imitate the glow of a candle. The lamp’s base is cuboid while the lampshade has a cube shape. It is further embellished in a spirited color and plastered with chrome for that reflective and flashy surface.

The lamp is celebrated for being portable, and easy to carry around. You can easily roam around the house with it and grace any nook according to your artistic preference. It can be used outdoors in shielded space.

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You will get Pivot lamp in two color combinations; one in Blue Silver that will complement the vibe of the house at any time of the day, and the Rusty Mint that will give off a more relaxing and laid-back undertone. With its highly adjustable design, you can use it according to your mood and penchant.

pivot Lamp 1
Image: &Tradition
Pivot Lamp 2
Image: &Tradition
Pivot Lamp
Image: &Tradition
Pivot Lamp-3
Image: &Tradition

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