Pirates of the Caribbean: 13 details hidden in the Disney movie with Johnny Depp

Return on “Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl”, first part of the saga directed by Gore Verbinski in 2003, and on all the easter eggs which are hidden inside.

A little souvenir from The Lord of the Rings, a mysterious mark on Jack Sparrow’s face, a song that makes “Yo Ho” and some bird names … Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, worn by Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are full of hidden details of all kinds. Back on all the references, winks and other easter eggs that can be found in the first part of the famous saga …

“Yo Ho, Yo Ho”

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The little ritornello hummed by the young Elizabeth Swann at the very beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean – an air that we will find moreover several times in the saga – is a direct reference to the original attraction of the Disneyland parks from which the film was taken. Indeed, installed on small boats, the visitors of the “ride” generally hear this famous song resound while crossing the streets of a small town invaded by hordes of pirates.

From Legolas to Will Turner

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When Orlando bloom cross swords with Johnny Depp (aka Jack Sparrow) At the start of the film, one can see a discreet little tattoo on the actor’s right wrist. This mark, which represents the number “9” in Elvish, is a memory of filming which comes to him from the Lord of the Rings. Indeed, like Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood and each of the nine actors who were part of The Fellowship of the Ring in the Peter Jackson trilogy, the interpreter of Legolas was tattooed this character on the arm.

A bone for a key

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Second reference to the legendary original attraction of the Disney parks! The sequence in which Jack Sparrow, locked in prison, tries to coax the dog who holds the keys to his cell by handing him a marrow bone, is obviously reminiscent of an emblematic segment of the famous course.

Under the ocean

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In the scene where Jack Sparrow and Will Turner use a rowboat to walk on the ocean floor (in reference to the Corsaire Rouge, a 1952 feature film where Burt Lancaster used the same technique), Will accidentally gets his foot stuck in a locker. lobsters. In the following scene, we find this same lobster trap attached to the rudder of the ship which will try to chase the two characters: proof that Will ingeniously knew how to turn this little clumsiness to his advantage!

Hidden mickey

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As is the case in many Disney studios productions, the big-eared mascot appears stealthily in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Indeed, according to fans, the cloud formed by smoke from a cannon in the sky, facing the moonlight, momentarily takes the very characteristic shape of a Mickey’s head.

Bird names

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A Captain Jack Sparrow whose surname means “sparrow” in French (as one of his tattoos suggests), an Elizabeth Swann in reference to the “swan”, and a Will Turner who bears the same name as a famous English ornithologist of the 18th century … It is clear that the three main characters of Pirates of the Caribbean are related to birds.

Crescent and Star

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It seems the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow was inspired by another pirate who actually existed at the end of the 16th century: the famous Jack Ward, who would have ended up taking the name of Yusuf Raïs after converting to Islam. Indeed, this historical character who was called “Birdy”, also had a nickname referring to birds. In addition, one of the medals worn by Sparrow in the film reproduces a crescent and a five-pointed star, which are symbols usually associated with the Muslim religion.


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It is well known that Jack Sparrow’s compass does not point north, but rather shows the thing that the most in the world is looking for whoever holds it in his hand. This is why, when Commodore Norrington momentarily grabs it, the needle begins to point directly at the captain. Indeed, for an ambitious man like Norrington, getting his hands on a pirate as famous as Sparrow would undoubtedly be a real accomplishment.


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Another obvious reference to the attraction of Disney parks! Indeed, like Joshamee Gibbs – whom Sparrow finds asleep on a pile of pigs in Tortuga – one of the pirates that one can meet in the original “ride” vats his wine in the same unflattering position.

“Dead men tell no tales”

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The phrase chanted in a loop by Cotton’s parrot – and which will later become the original title of the fifth part of the saga (in French, La Vengeance de Salazar) – also resonates in the attraction that all fans of Disney parks. “The dead do not tell stories” is indeed an emblematic replica of the universe Pirates of the Caribbean.

And a bottle of wine!

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And 4! The sequence in which Barbossa gulps down a bottle of wine and Elizabeth Swann watches the drink flow through the pirate’s skeleton is also a reference to an iconic character from the original attraction, who is also drenched to the bone. .

A suspicious scar

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According to IMDB, the red spot that can be seen on the right side of Jack Sparrow’s face (and which grows more and more over the films) would be a joke initiated by Johnny Depp (U.S.A.) (Acteur,Producteur,Réalisateur)”>Johnny Depp and by her makeup artist. Indeed, some fans go so far as to imagine that this scar is a side effect … of syphilis.

Asleep on a pile of gold

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After being slain by Jack Sparrow at the end of the film, Barbossa regains his skeletal appearance and collapses on the treasure he had amassed on Muerta Island. This is again a nod to the original attraction of the Disney parks, in the setting of which we could already observe a skeleton lying on a pile of gold coins.

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